Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 11:20-30; 12:22-45; Mk. 3:20-30; Lk. 7:36-8:3; 11:14-32


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Matthew Chapter Eleven

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Israel has rejected the Herald, and ignored the Christ.  Therefore they become objects of “woe” declarations (Matt. 11:20-24).
  2. Jesus Christ gives praise and thanksgiving to God the Father for His well-pleasing way of hiding and revealing (Matt. 11:25-26). This praise is grounded on God’s wisdom and the world’s wisdom being so different and incompatible (1st Cor. 1:20-21; 3:18-23).
  3. Jesus celebrates the plan of salvation which allows believers to know the Son because of the Father, and to know the Father because of the Son (Matt. 11:27).
  4. Jesus ends His address with a Gospel call for all who desire to come (Matt. 11:28-30).

Matthew Chapter Twelve

(Outline continues from Day 283)

  1. Another healed demoniac sparks a bitter slander campaign by the Pharisees (Matt. 12:22-24).
  2. The “unpardonable sin” is a rejection of the Christ by attributing His power to Satanic sources rather than to the Holy Spirit (Matt. 12:31-32; Mk. 3:28-30; Lk. 12:10). This sin was only possible during the Age of the Incarnation, and the coming Age of Millennial Reign (Matt. 12:32).  It is not possible to commit this sin during the Church Age.
  3. Jesus continued His message to the Pharisees by telling them that the real issue was they needed to get saved (Matt. 12:33-37).
  4. The Pharisees wanted Jesus to perform a sign for them (Matt. 12:38).  Jesus lamented their hardness of heart and spoke of the only sign they should be concerned with—the crucifixion itself (Matt. 12:39-42).
    1. “Something greater than Jonah is here.”
    2. “Something greater than Solomon is here.”
  5. The Crucifixion Generation has the greatest blessings imaginable, and yet the worst demonic subjugation (Matt. 12:43-45).

(Chapter Twelve continues tomorrow)

Mark Chapter Three

(Outline continues from Day 283)

  1. Mark continues to record how the crowds were so overwhelming that Jesus and The Twelve had trouble finding time to eat (Mk. 3:20; 6:31).
  2. Mark also provides how certain of Jesus family from Nazareth thought He was out of His mind with the whole preaching thing (Mk. 3:21).

(Chapter Three continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Seven

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. 4. The immoral woman anointing Christ’s feet (Lk. 7:36-50) is not to be confused with Mary’s anointing of Christ’s head just before His crucifixion (Matt. 26:6-13; Jn. 12:1-8).  Neither can we identify her with Mary Magdalene (Lk. 8:2) with any certainty.

Luke Chapter Eight

  1. In addition to the Twelve, the Lord was blessed by a number of women with financial grace-orientation (Lk. 8:1-3).
    1. These women had previously been afflicted by demonic powers.
    2. They responded to the love & forgiveness they had received by extending grace to their Lord and Savior.
    3. Mary Magdalene cannot be identified with the repentant harlot of ch. 7, although old church traditions do make that identification.
    4. Joanna is seen again at the empty tomb (Lk. 24:10), but she & Susanna are otherwise unknown in the New Testament.
    5. Many other women (ἕτεραι πολλαί heterai pollai) were also in this group of supporters.  

(Chapter Eight continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Eleven

(Outline continues from Day 298)

  1. When He was accused of serving Beelzebub, Jesus taught one of the most detailed messages on demonology to be found in Scripture (Lk. 11:14-26).
  2. When one of the women in the crowd attempted to exalt the (no-longer) virgin Mary, the Lord provided an appropriate response (Lk. 11:27-28).
  3. The chapter concludes with a series of messages that appear to be a sampling of exhortations that Jesus gave as His crucifixion approached.  [The order is unclear, and perhaps immaterial as it reflects an assortment of messages given on various occasions]
    1. A rebuke against the crucifixion generation (Lk. 11:29-32; cf. Matt. 12:38-41).

(Chapter Eleven continues on Day 298)