Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 7:7-29; 8:5-13; 11:1-19; Lk. 6:43-7:35


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Matthew Chapter Seven

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Our prayer life is guaranteed by a loving Heavenly Father Who delights in providing for us (Matt. 7:7-11).
  2. The Sermon on the Mount also featured many other well-known teachings of Christ (Matt. 7:12-20):
    1. The Golden Rule (v.12).
    2. The narrow & broad gates (vv.13-14).
    3. Wolves in sheep’s clothing (v.15).
    4. Know them by their fruit (vv.16-20).
  3. The Sermon closes with two warnings (Matt. 7:21-27).
    1. Entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven is not based upon what we have done for the Lord, but what He has done for us (vv.21-23).
    2. The house is built on either the rock or the sand, either responding to or rejecting the gospel of Jesus Christ (vv.24-27).
  4. The crowds were stunned by the teachings of Jesus because they had never heard the Word taught with such authority (Matt. 7:28-29).

Matthew Chapter Eight

(Outline continues from Day 281)

  1. 3. Matthew’s second recorded healing is a Roman Centurion’s servant (Matt. 8:5-13).
    1. The Roman had a faith in Divine authority as superior to human authority (Matt. 8:8-9).
    2. Jesus was amazed at the Roman’s faith, and used the occasion to describe how some Gentiles will be blessed above many Jews in the Kingdom of Heaven (eschatological theocratic kingdom) (Matt. 8:10-12).

(Chapter Eight continues on Day 281)

Matthew Chapter Eleven

  1. The Twelve are sent off to their own ministries, and Jesus is approached by the disciples of John the Baptist (Matt. 11:1-6).
  2. John the Baptist was hoping to resolve a prophetic conundrum concerning the coming Christ(s) (Matt. 11:3; 1st Pet. 1:10).  
    1. Would the same Coming One come twice? Once to suffer and once again for glory?
    2. b. Would two Coming Ones solve the puzzle? Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David. 
    3. The Lord encouraged John through an Old Testament citation and the understanding that such prophecies were being fulfilled (Matt. 11:4-6; Isa. 35:5ff; 61:1).
  3. This q&a ministry opened the door for a much larger ministry as Jesus addressed the crowds about John the Baptist (Matt. 11:7-19).

(Chapter Eleven continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Six

(Outline continues from yesterday and the day before, point 3 repeated)

  1. In Luke’s careful chronology, it is after the selection of the Twelve that the Sermon on the Mount material is then recorded (Lk. 6:17-49 cf. Matt. 5-7).

Luke Chapter Seven

  1. The Jews thought that the Centurion was worthy of a miracle (Lk. 7:4-5).  The Centurion knew that he was not worthy at all (Lk. 7:6-8).
  2. The raising of the widow’s son in Nain is recorded only in Luke (Lk. 7:11-17).  Between Elijah & Elisha, three people were restored to physical life.  The Lord also restored three people to physical life.
  3. The material regarding John the Baptist parallels that recorded in Matthew (Lk. 7:18-35 ║ Matt. 11:2-19).

(Chapter Seven continues tomorrow)