Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Ezek. 47-48; 29:17-30:19; 2 Kgs. 25:27-30; Jer. 52:31-34


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Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Seven

  1. Tour Stop #14 (the final stop): the newly created River of Life (Ezek. 47:1-12).
    1. In place of the missing laver in the temple, water will flow from the temple.
    2. Ezekiel follows the eastern branch of a two-branch river (Zech. 14:8).
    3. Ezekiel took measurements at 1,000 cubit increments, and noted the power of the water going forth to provide life (Ezek. 47:3-5; Isa. 11:9; Hab. 2:14).
    4. The healing nature of this river will give life to the Dead Sea, and will provide sustenance to Israel (Ezek. 47:6-12).
    5. When redeemed Israel finally rejects all idolatry, God will flow forth His living waters (Jer. 2:13).
    6. “Come to the waters” becomes synonymous with coming to the Lord at the temple (Isa. 55:1; Joel 3:18).
    7. The New Earth will likewise contain a river of life (Rev. 22:1).
  2. At the conclusion of the tour, specific instructions are given for the boundaries of the land of Israel (Ezek. 47:13-23).
    1. These instructions include the twelve tribes and the aliens who reside among the twelve tribes (Ezek. 47:21-23).
    2. Gentiles will desire to sojourn in the land of Israel for a period of time, and even volunteer for bond-service in devotion to the Lord (Ezek. 47:23; Isa. 14:1-2; 56:6-7).

Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Eight

  1. Chapter 48 centers on land divisions.
  2. Seven northern tribes are given their Millennial inheritance (Ezek. 48:1-7).  Dan, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Reuben, Judah.
  3. The Holy Allotment is reviewed (Ezek. 48:8-20 cp. 45:1-8).
    1. The holy allotment is bordered by Judah & Benjamin—the two tribes of the southern Kingdom.
    2. Portions for the Priests, Levites, and Prince are designated, as well as “the city.”
  4. Five southern tribes are given their Millennial inheritance (Ezek. 48:23-29).  Benjamin, Simeon, Issachar, Zebulun, Gad
  5. The city is described (Ezek. 48:30-35).  Its millennial name: “The Lord is There” (Ezek. 48:35), and “The Throne of the Lord” (Jer. 3:17).

Ezekiel Chapter Twenty-Nine

(Outline continues from Day 240)

  1. The plunder of Egypt was God’s reward to Nebuchadnezzar for doing His work at Tyre (Ezek. 29:17-21).

Ezekiel Chapter Thirty

  1. A four-part message of destruction details the imminent Day of the Lord (Ezek. 30:2-3).
  2. Four individual messages each begin with “Thus says the Lord God” (Ezek. 30:2,6,10,13).
  3. Egypt will be destroyed, and her idolatry will be destroyed city by city (Ezek. 30:2-19).

(Chapter Thirty continues on Day 240)

Second Kings Chapter Twenty-Five

(Outline continues from Day 246)

  1. The Book of 2nd Kings is concluded with an epilogue concerning King Jehoiachin (2nd Kgs. 25:27-30).  (Jeremiah closes with the same epilogue, Jer. 52:31-34).

Jeremiah Chapter Fifty-Two

(Outline continues from Day 248)

  1. Jeremiah 52 also contains the appendix note regarding King Jehoiachin that ended 2nd Kings.