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Today’s reading is: Ezek. 44-46


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Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Four

  1. Tour Stop #11: a return to the outer gate on the east (Ezek. 44:1-3).
    1. The gate was shut, following the return of the glory of God (Ezek. 44:2).
    2. This gate will be the place for David the Prince to partake of his sacred feasts (Ezek. 44:3 cp. 34:24; 37:25).
  2. Tour Stop #12: back to the front of the house (Ezek. 44:4-31).
    1. The message demands supreme attention, as a repeat of the original command in this section (Ezek. 40:4).  “Pay attention” (CSB) “Mark well” (NASB, NKJV) “Set your heart on” (LEB, NASB fn), “see with your eyes, and hear with your ears” (CSB, LEB, NASB, NKJV).
    2. The Lord outlines the abominations of the previous temple, which will not be permitted in this temple (44:6-14; cp. Ezek. 22:26).
    3. The faithless Levites will minister to the people, but the faithful descendants of Zadok will minister before the Lord (Ezek. 44:11,13 cp. 15ff.).

Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Five

  1. Ezekiel’s tour is paused once again as instructions are given for the division of the land (Ezek. 45:1-8).
    1. A holy portion of land measured 25,000 cubits by 20,000 cubits (Ezek. 45:1).
    2. Under Mosaic Law, no land was set aside for the house of the Lord (2nd Sam. 7:7).
  2. Within this division of the land, a contribution is given to the Lord for the use of the Priests and Levites (Ezek. 45:1-5).
  3. A further land division is given to the capital city for the Prince (Ezek. 45:6-9).  The Prince will no longer need to take the best of the land from the tribes of Israel (Ezek. 45:8 cp. Deut. 17:14-17; 1st Sam. 8:10-18; Isa. 11:3-5; 32:1-8).
  4. Fair economic standards for measurement are established and will be maintained by the Lord (Ezek. 45:10-12).
  5. The primary activity for the Prince is to bring the people’s offerings to the Lord (Ezek. 45:13-25).
    1. His taxes (tithes) were used for the national offerings to the Lord (Ezek. 45:16-17).
    2. He will also officiate at the national feasts of New Year (Ezek. 45:18-20), Passover (Ezek. 45:21-24), and Tabernacles (Ezek. 45:25).

Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Six

  1. Chapter 46 contains particular instructions for the millennial worship protocol.
  2. The eastern gate to the inner courtyard is the scene of the Prince’s offerings (Ezek. 46:1-8).
    1. This gate shall be shut, except for Sabbath days (Ezek. 46:1), new moon days, and during times of freewill offerings by the Prince (Ezek. 46:12).
    2. This gate is the primary location for public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ (Ezek. 46:3).
  3. The flow of traffic for the people shall be progressive—north to south or south to north (Ezek. 46:9).
    1. The worshipper will enter through either the northern or southern outer gate with his offering in hand.  The eastern outer gate will not be an option (Ezek. 44:1-2).
    2. The worshipper will cross the outer courtyard to the corresponding northern or southern inner gate, where he will deliver his offering to the Levites (Ezek. 40:39-43).
    3. The Levites will slaughter the offering, and minister to the worshipper (Ezek. 44:11-14).
    4. The Zadokite priests will take the offering within the inner courtyard, offer it on the altar, and minister to the Lord (Ezek. 40:46; 44:15-16).
    5. The worshipper cannot exit by the outer gate through which he entered (Ezek. 46:9).
      1. He must exit through the outer gate opposite to where he entered (either north or south).
      2. Therefore his path of travel will take him between the two eastern gates.
      3. Each worshipper will have the opportunity to not only bring an offering, but worship directly before the Lord. 
  4. The activity of worship will be for the Prince and all the people (Ezek. 46:10).
  5. Instructions are given for required and freewill sacrifices (Ezek. 46:11-15).
  6. Additional instructions are given for the Prince and his sons, and the administration of their land inheritance (Ezek. 46:16-18).
  7. Tour Stop #13: a view of the temple’s kitchen facilities (Ezek. 46:19-24).