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Today’s reading is: Ezek. 40:1-43:27


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Ezekiel Chapter Forty

  1. Chapter 40 begins the last portion of the Book of Ezekiel—a guided tour of the Millennial Temple and the surrounding land of Israel (Ezek. 40-48).
  2. Ezekiel is once again transported through time and space “in the visions of God” (Ezek. 40:2).
  3. Ezekiel is instructed to relate the Millennial temple information to Israel (Ezek. 40:3-4).
    1. The description does not match any historical temple, it is therefore a future temple.
    2. The dimensions of the temple, and the surrounding land do not match present-day geography.
  4. Tour Stop #1 is the outer wall, and the eastern gate (Ezek. 40:5-16).
  5. Tour Stop #2 is the outer court, and the northern & southern gates (Ezek. 40:17-27).
  6. Tour Stop #3 is the inner court, and the three inner gates (Ezek. 40:28-47).

Ezekiel Chapter Forty-One

  1. Tour Stop #4: the temple proper, from the porch (Ezek. 40:48-49), to the Holy Place (Ezek. 41:1-2), to the Holy of Holies (Ezek. 41:3-4).
  2. Tour Stop #5: the side chambers (Ezek. 41:5-11).
  3. Tour Stop #6: the mysterious western building (Ezek. 41:12).
    1. No purpose for this building is given.
    2. No activity within this building is described.
    3. No entrance to this building is mentioned.
  4. Tour Stop #7: an overall measurement of the house, and a more detailed examination of the engravings (Ezek. 41:16-26).

Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Two

  1. Tour Stop #8: the holy chambers (Ezek. 42:1-14).
  2. Tour Stop #9: an overall measurement of the entire temple complex (Ezek. 42:15-20).

Ezekiel Chapter Forty-Three

  1. Ezekiel’s tour is interrupted by the return of God’s glory into His temple (Ezek. 43:1-2; 1:28; 3:23; Rev. 1:17).
  2. God’s glory fills the house, and His voice comes from the house (Ezek. 43:3-6).
  3. Ezekiel is informed of why he has been given this tour (Ezek. 43:7-12).
    1. The description of the temple is to produce shame (Ezek. 43:10; 16:61,63; 20:43; 36:31-32; Jer. 31:18).
    2. The Law of the Temple is holiness (Ezek. 43:12; Ex. 19:6,12,18-25; 24:1-11; Heb. 12:18-24).
  4. Tour Stop #10: a closer examination of the altar (Ezek. 43:13-17), and the instructions for the altar’s atonement (Ezek. 43:18-27).