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Today’s reading is: 1 Kgs. 17:8-20:22


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1st Kings Chapter Seventeen

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Elijah is sent to the Sidonian village of Zarephath, where the Lord had designated a gentile widow to bless and be blessed by Elijah (1st Kgs. 17:8-24; Lk. 4:25-26).
    1. Elijah foreshadows Jesus Christ as he asks a gentile woman for a drink (1st Kgs. 17:10; Jn. 4:7).
    2. Elijah foreshadows Jesus Christ as he multiplies bread (1st Kgs. 17:11-16).
    3. Elijah foreshadows Jesus Christ as he raises the widow’s son from the dead (1st Kgs. 17:17-24; Lk. 7:11-17).

1st Kings Chapter Eighteen

  1. Elijah is commissioned to confront Ahab, and bring an end to the three year drought & famine (1st Kgs. 18:1-2).
  2. Ahab & Obadiah were scouting the land of Israel for any possible water (1st Kgs. 18:3-6).
    1. Obadiah was the house steward of Ahab, and a God-fearing believer (vv.3,4).
    2. Elijah reveals himself to Obadiah, and assured Obadiah that he had a message for Ahab (vv.7-16).
  3. Elijah summoned Ahab to Mt. Carmel, and challenged the false prophets of Baal and the Asherah (1st Kgs. 18:17-45).
    1. Elijah summoned the 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah, but only the former attended.
    2. Elijah accepts the 450:1 odds, and allows the Baal worshipers to go first.
    3. Elijah made certain that the witness to the Lord’s power is undeniable (vv.30-39).
    4. Following the contest, Elijah has the 450 false prophets executed (v.40).
    5. While Ahab partook in the sacrificial feast, Elijah prayed for rain (vv.41-45).

1st Kings Chapter Nineteen

  1. A believer’s greatest victory may be followed immediately by their greatest defeat (1st Kgs. 19:3ff.; cf. Matt. 16:17,23).
  2. Although he was victorious over Ahab, and the prophets of Baal, Elijah became fearful of Jezebel, and her minions of evil (1st Kgs. 19:1-3).
  3. The Lord is patient, and patiently instructs believers in the Truth of His Word (1st Kgs. 19:4-8).
    1. He provides for believers’ physical needs.
    2. He directs believers to their appropriate & needed place of instruction.
  4. The Lord taught Elijah through the still small voice (1st Kgs. 19:9-18).
    1. The lord gave instructions regarding Hazael, Jehu, and Elisha.
    2. The Lord intends for Ben-hadad, Ahab, and Elijah to be replaced according to His will.
  5. The chapter closes with the call of Elisha to be the spiritual heir of Elijah (1st Kgs. 19:19-21).

1st Kings Chapter Twenty

  1. Ben-hadad invaded Israel with a coalition of 32 other Aramean kings (1st Kgs. 20:1-12).
    1. Ben-hadad demanded a ransom from Ahab to spare Samaria (vv.2-6).
    2. Ahab consulted the elders of Israel, and explained his dilemma, and determined to defy Ben-hadad’s demands (vv.7-12).
  2. The Lord sent an unnamed prophet to Ahab, and directed for Ahab’s victory over Ben-hadad (1st Kgs. 20:13-43).
    1. The first campaign (vv.13-21).

(Chapter Twenty continues tomorrow)