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Today’s reading is: 1 Kgs. 20:23-22:9; 2 Chr. 18:1-8


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1st Kings Chapter Twenty

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. (covered Day 167)
    1. (covered Day 167)
    2. The second campaign (1st Kgs. 20:22-30).
    3. Ahab spared Ben-hadad’s life (1st Kgs. 20:31-34), and the unnamed prophet rebuked him for it (1st Kgs. 20:35-43).

1st Kings Chapter Twenty-One

  1. Naboth the Jezreelite is a God-fearing believer, with the misfortune of owning a vineyard next to Ahab’s palace (1st Kgs. 21:1).
  2. Ahab makes a generous offer, but Naboth is humble and obedient to the Lord’s instructions concerning tribal land allotments and inheritance (1st Kgs. 21:1-3).
  3. Jezebel engineers the “legal” execution of Naboth, and the “legal” theft of Naboth’s property (1st Kgs. 21:4-16).
  4. The Lord dispatched Elijah with the message of judgment against Ahab and Jezebel for the murder and theft (1st Kgs. 21:17-26).
  5. The chapter closes with Ahab’s humble repentance, and the Lord’s pleasure with it (1st Kgs. 21:27-29).
    1. The Lord had already promised to replace Ahab with Jehu (1st Kgs. 19:16).
    2. The Lord had already promised to take Ahab’s life for his sparing of Ben-hadad’s life (1st Kgs. 20:42).
    3. The Lord promised to destroy the house of Ahab, as He had destroyed the house of Jeroboam, and the house of Baashan (1st Kgs. 21:20-26).
    4. The Lord deferred His judgments, however, until such time as Ahab repented of his evil (Ezek. 18:23; 33:11; 2nd Pet. 3:9).

1st Kings Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. After three years, Ahab determined to liberate Ramoth-gilead from Aramean hands, and invited Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, to join him (1st Kgs. 22:1-4).
  2. Jehoshaphat suggests that they begin their campaign by consulting the Lord (1st Kgs. 22:5-28).
    1. Ahab begins by consulting his four hundred prophets, who encourage him to go ahead with his plan (vv.5,6).
    2. Jehoshaphat insists on finding a faithful prophet to the Lord, rather than this crew of liars (vv.7-9).

(Chapter Twenty-Two continues tomorrow)

2nd Chronicles Chapter Eighteen

  1. The negative observations of Jehoshaphat’s reign were his repeated alliances with the northern Kingdom of Israel (2nd Chr. 18:1ff.).
    1. Both Jehoshaphat and Ahab fathered sons named Jehoram, who will become kings of Judah & Israel.
    2. Jehoshaphat’s son Jehoram married Ahab & Jezebel’s daughter Athaliah.
  2. Jehoshaphat joined with Ahab in Israel’s campaign to liberate Ramoth-gilead (2nd Chr. 18:2-34; 1st Kgs. 22:2-36).

(Chapter Eighteen continues tomorrow)