Daily reading

Today’s reading is: 2 Chr. 1:14-17; 8; 9:1-28; 1 Kgs. 9:15-10:29


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2nd Chronicles One

(Outline provided on TTB Day 144)

2nd Chronicles Eight

  1. Chapter 8 describes the additional building activities of King Solomon (2nd Chr. 8:1-6).
  2. Solomon built these glories with Canaanite forced labor (2nd Chr. 8:7-10).
  3. Solomon maintained spiritual priorities in his marriage life (2nd Chr. 8:11).  He will lose sight of these priorities when he begins to destroy his capacity for temporal-life marital blessings (1st Kgs. 11:1-40).
  4. Solomon was diligent to follow the Law of Moses (2nd Chr. 8:12-13) and the Ordinance of David (2nd Chr. 8:14-15).
  5. The chapter closes with a description of Solomon’s naval activities in partnership with the Phoenicians of Tyre (2nd Chr. 8:17-18 cf. 1st Kgs. 9:26-28).

2nd Chronicles Nine

  1. Chapter 9 describes the remainder of Solomon’s life.  The Chronicler’s emphasis was on Solomon’s role in building the temple, and fulfilling David’s intentions.
    1. Solomon’s ascension (2nd Chr. 1).
    2. Solomon builds the temple (2nd Chr. 28).
    3. Solomon’s life & death (2nd Chr. 9).
  2. The visit by the Queen of Sheba was an opportunity to witness for the LORD to the nations of the earth (2nd Chr. 9:1-12; 1st Kgs. 10:1-13). Such witness is used by Jesus to rebuke His generation (Mt. 12:42; Lk. 11:31).
  3. Many kings of the earth will travel to Jerusalem, to hear the wisdom of the LORD communicated through Solomon (2nd Chr. 9:22-24)Solomon’s tremendous wealth is described (2nd Chr. 9:13-21; Ps. 72), but the snare that wealth became is not mentioned.
  4. Solomon (peace) is the shadow of Christ (the Prince of Peace) Who will rule with perfect wisdom in the Millennial kingdom (2nd Chr. 9:25-28).
  5. The summary of Solomon’s life indicates the written sources from which Ezra drew in writing Chronicles, and explain many of the “to this day” references therein (2nd Chr. 9:29-31).

1st Kings Nine 

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Solomon enjoyed good relations with Egypt, and exerted dominance over the Canaanite remnant living within the land (1st Kgs. 9:15-24).
  2. Solomon engaged in a maritime trading enterprise with Hiram, King of Tyre (1st Kgs. 9:26-28).

1st Kings Ten

  1. Solomon is visited by the Queen of Sheba, who comes to respect his wisdom, and to know the LORD, the God of Israel (1st Kgs. 10:1-13).
  2. King Solomon’s vast wealth, and international influence is then detailed (1st Kgs. 10:14-29).