Daily reading

Today’s reading is: 1 Kgs. 9:1-14; 2 Chr. 7


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1st Kings Nine

  1. 1st Kings 9:1 establishes an important time-frame for the proper sequence of Proverbs/Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon.
    1. The building of the House of the Lord, and the House of the King is called “all Solomon’s desire which he was pleased to do.”
    2. The frantic search for happiness described in Ecclesiastes is categorized as all Solomon’s desire which he was displeased and dissatisfied with having done.
    3. The multiplication of wives described in Song of Solomon (Song. 6:8) is categorized as a turning away from the Lord, and is explicitly placed after 1st Kings 9 (1st Kgs. 9:5-6; 11:4).
  2. The Lord appears to Solomon a second time, and states His unconditional covenant to David, and David’s Seed (Jesus Christ), and His conditional blessings & cursings to David’s seed (Solomon, Rehoboam, etc.) (1st Kgs. 9:1-9).
  3. Solomon gave a gift of twenty cities to Hiram, King of Tyre, but Hiram was not pleased with them (1st Kgs. 9:10-14).

(Chapter Nine continues tomorrow)

2nd Chronicles Seven

  1. Solomon’s prayer concluded, and the LORD consumed his sacrifice with fire out of heaven (2nd Chr. 7:1-3).
  2. Solomon led the national worship service over the 8 days of feasting (2nd Chr. 7:4-11).
    1. David’s parental planning came to fruition in the spiritual priorities of his son Solomon.
    2. David’s financial planning came to fruition in the construction and operation of the temple.
    3. David’s musical planning came to fruition in the Levitical orchestra created to praise the LORD.
  3. The LORD made a second personal appearance to Solomon at this time—challenging him to live according to his Divine wisdom, and follow his father’s human example (2nd Chr. 7:12-22).
    1. The warning is given concerning national Divine discipline, and national humble repentance (vv.13-14).
    2. Encouragement is given concerning God’s unique attentiveness to this consecrated temple (vv.15-16).
    3. An offer is given to confirm the Davidic Covenant to Solomon (vv.17-18), even as the Abrahamic Covenant was confirmed to Isaac (Gen. 26:2-5,24) & Jacob (Gen. 28:13-14).