Daily reading

Today’s reading is: 1 Kgs. 8; 2 Chr. 5-6


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1st Kings Eight

  1. The Ark of the Covenant is brought into the Temple, and the Glory of God fills the most holy place (1st Kgs. 8:1-11).
  2. Solomon addresses the nation of Israel for the dedication of the Temple (1st Kgs. 8:12-21).
  3. Solomon led the nation of Israel in a national prayer meeting (1st Kgs. 8:22-53).
  4. Solomon blessed the nation of Israel in a national benediction (1st Kgs. 8:54-61).
  5. Solomon led the nation of Israel in eight days of sacrificing to the Lord, and feasting before the Lord (1st Kgs. 8:62-66).

2nd Chronicles Five

  1. Solomon stocked the treasuries with all the wealth David provided (2nd Chr. 5:1).
  2. Solomon assembled the national leadership, and celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles for the first time in a temple (2nd Chr. 5:2-3).
  3. The Ark of the Covenant was brought up, and placed within the Holy of Holies (2nd Chr. 5:4-10).
  4. The visible glory of the LORD appeared once again, and filled the Temple (2nd Chr. 5:11-14), as it had previously filled the Tabernacle (Ex. 40:35).

2nd Chronicles Six

  1. Solomon preached a message of blessing and thanksgiving to the assembled leaders of Israel (2nd Chr. 6:1-11; 1st Kgs. 8:12-21).
  2. Solomon led a national prayer meeting, calling upon the LORD for continued blessing upon the new temple (2nd Chr. 6:12-42; 1st Kgs. 8:22-61).
    1. He praised the LORD for the blessings of the Davidic Covenant (vv.12-17).
    2. He praises the omnipresent God for the blessings of His monopresent dwelling (vv.18-21).
    3. He praises the omniscient God for the blessings of His open eyes and attentive ears focused on the temple (v.40).