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Today’s reading is: Josh. 15:20-17:18


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Joshua Chapter Fifteen

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The cities are denoted.
    1. 29 towns plus their villages in the Negeb (south) (Josh. 15:21-32).
      1. 36 towns are actually named in the passage.
      2. 7 of these are later given to Simeon (Josh. 19:1-7).
    2. 42 towns plus villages in the Shephelah (Josh. 15:33-47).
    3. 38 towns plus villages in the hill country (Josh. 15:48-60).
    4. 6 towns plus villages in the wilderness of Judah (Josh. 15:61,62).
  2. The Jebusites in Jerusalem remained as a snare (Josh. 15:63), although at one point the city was ravaged (Jdg. 1:8).
    1. Jerusalem was on the border between Judah and Benjamin (Josh. 15:8), which tribe was also unsuccessful in driving out the Jebusites (Jdg. 1:21).
    2. Jerusalem will finally be taken by David, and made into his capital (1st Chr. 11:4-9).
    3. Other cities besides Jerusalem would also be a thorn (Jdg. 1:19).

Joshua Chapter Sixteen

  1. The second lot for land distribution fell to the tribe of Joseph (Josh. 16:1-4).
    1. Ephraim received their land-grant (Josh. 16:5-10).
    2. Manasseh received their land-grant (Josh. 17:1-18).
  2. Ephraim’s territory was north of Judah’s, between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.
  3. Some of Ephraim’s cities will fall within land boundaries designated for Manasseh (Josh. 16:9).
  4. Ephraim fell short in driving out all the Canaanites in their portion of the land (Josh. 16:10).

Joshua Chapter Seventeen

  1. ½ Manasseh receives their land-grant within the land of Canaan, and ½ Manasseh has their Gilead land-grant confirmed.
    1. The clan of Machir received the land of Gilead & Bashan (Josh. 17:1).
    2. Ten clans of Manasseh received their land within the land of Canaan (Josh. 17:5).
  2. The daughters of Zelophehad were provided for, as Moses had promised them (Josh. 17:3,4; Num. 27:1-7).
  3. The territory of Manasseh was north of Ephraim (Josh. 17:7-10).
    1. Ephraim had some cities within Manasseh borders (Josh. 17:9).
    2. Manasseh had cities within the borders of Issachar and Asher (Josh. 17:11).
  4. Manasseh fell short in driving out all the Canaanites in their portion of the land (Josh. 17:12,13).
  5. The two tribes of Joseph (Ephraim & Manasseh) filed a complaint with Joshua that their land grant was too small (Josh. 17:14).
    1. Joshua suggested that they could clear some of the forests in their land grant and found additional cities (Josh. 17:15,18a).
    2. Joshua also suggested that they should finish destroying the Canaanites, and take those cities (Josh. 17:18b).