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Today’s reading is: Josh. 12:7-15:19


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Joshua Chapter Twelve

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Thirty-one kings west of the Jordan (Josh. 12:7-24).

Joshua Chapter Thirteen

  1. Chapter Thirteen begins the division of the land, into the inheritance of the tribes of Israel.
  2. The Lord addressed Joshua in his old age, and charged him with passing the colors to the next generation (Josh. 13:1).
  3. Unconquered land remained (Josh. 13:2-6).
  4. The land was to be apportioned, so that each tribe could occupy their territory, and complete the Canaanite extermination.
    1. Nine and one-half tribes west of the Jordan still needed their inheritance (Josh. 13:7).
    2. Reuben, Gad, and ½ Manasseh already had their land-grant, east of the Jordan (Josh. 13:8-33).
      1. The Transjordan conquest was an incomplete conquest, but Reuben, Gad, and ½ Manasseh wanted the land anyway (Josh. 13:13).
      2. Joshua confirmed the instructions of Moses, and released Reuben, Gad, and ½ Manasseh from any further military obligations west of the Jordan.

Joshua Chapter Fourteen

  1. The land division continues, with the land west of Jordan (Josh. 14:1-5).
    1. Eleazar the priest has supreme spiritual authority.
    2. Joshua has supreme temporal authority.
    3. The heads of the households assist Eleazar and Joshua in the land allocation (Num. 34:17-29).
  2. Caleb makes a land request, which is granted and blessed by Joshua (Josh. 14:6-15).

Joshua Chapter Fifteen

  1. The first lot for land division went to Judah (Josh. 15:1-63).
  2. The tribal borders are established within the conquest borders previously stipulated (Josh. 15:1-12 cf. Num. 34:1-12).
  3. The Request of Caleb is confirmed, and details are provided for Caleb’s victories over the giants of Hebron (Josh. 15:13-20).
    1. Arba, the fallen angel who procreated Anak (v.13).
    2. Anak, the nephelim son of Arba (v.13).
    3. Anak’s clan chieftains: Sheshai, Ahiman, Talmai (v.14). Anakim are part of the Nephelim (Num. 13:33) + Anakim are regarded as Rephaim (Dt. 2:11).

(Chapter Fifteen continues tomorrow)