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Today’s reading is: Josh. 10:1-12:6


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Joshua Chapter Ten

  1. Chapter Ten is a summary of Joshua’s southern campaign.
  2. The capitulation of Gibeon had a tremendous impact among the Amorite kings of the Judean highlands (Josh. 10:1-5).
    1. Adoni-zedek is quite the contrast to Melchizedek (Josh. 10:1,3; Gen. 14:18).
    2. Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, and Eglon choose to join forces and fight Israel in the field, rather than endure sieges individually.
    3. The 5 Amorite kings choose to begin their military campaign with a punitive strike against Gibeon.
  3. Having made a covenant with Gibeon, Joshua is obligated to protect Gibeon (Josh. 10:6-27).
    1. An all-night forced-march positions his armies in place to attack the Amorites (Josh. 10:9).
    2. Israel’s assault was a “smashing” success, as the Lord did most of the work Himself through His own artillery (Josh. 10:11).
    3. Joshua realized that additional daylight hours would be needed to complete the destruction of the routed Amorite armies.
      1. So, he issued a military command.
      2. The Lord executed Joshua’s order with an immediate and omnipotent response.
    4. The sun stood still.
      1. This is perhaps the greatest miracle recorded in the Bible, as God brought the revolution and rotation of the earth to a halt.
      2. Scientific treatment of this miracle has been written on extensively.  Pastor Bolender especially enjoys “The Long Day of Joshua, and Six other Catastrophes,” by Donald W. Patten, © 1973 Pacific Meridian Publishing Company.
      3. Ancient History comparisons to Joshua’s longest day in secular records are detailed in “Worlds in Collision,” © 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky; The McMillan Company, New York.
    5. This miracle was recorded in the Bible, and in secular histories of the time (Josh. 10:13).
    6. The 5 Amorite kings were located, and imprisoned until the military action could be completed against their armies (Josh. 10:16-27).
    7. The armies of Israel pursued the fleeing Amorites, until the remnant of those forces found refuge in their cities (Josh. 10:19-21).
  4. The remainder of the chapter details Joshua’s southern campaign.
    1. Makkedah (Josh. 10:28).
    2. Libnah (Josh. 10:29,30).
    3. Lachish & Gezer (Josh. 10:31-33).
    4. Eglon (Josh. 10:34,35).
    5. Hebron (Josh. 10:36,37; 11:21,22).  Caleb distinguished himself in this battle (Josh. 14:6-15; 15:13,14).
    6. Debir (Josh. 10:38,39).  Caleb’s nephew Othniel distinguished himself in this battle, and won the hand of Caleb’s daughter (Josh. 15:15-17).
    7. Other various locations in the Negev (Josh. 10:40-43).

Joshua Chapter Eleven

  1. Chapter Eleven is a summary of Joshua’s northern campaign.
  2. Jabin, King of Hazor, assembled an alliance greater than Adoni-zedek’s alliance (Josh. 11:1-5).
    1. They numbered as the sand on the seashore, with infantry, calvary, and armor divisions (Josh. 11:4).
    2. Josephus estimated their combined strength as 300,000 infantry soldiers, 10,000 cavalry troops, and 20,000 chariots.
  3. In obedience to the command of the Lord, Joshua refused fear, and advanced by faith (Josh. 11:6-9).
  4. With the northern alliance defeated at Merom, the northern cities fell in due time (Josh. 11:10-18).
    1. The cities were plundered (Josh. 11:11,14,15; Deut. 10:16-18).
    2. Hazor was razed (Josh. 11:13).
  5. The remainder of the chapter gives some summary statement information about the central, southern, and northern campaigns (Josh. 11:19-23).
    1. Joshua learned from the Gibeon mistake, and never repeated it (Josh. 11:19).
    2. Joshua focused especially on giant-extermination (Anakim) throughout the Canaanite conquest (Josh. 11:21,22).
    3. The land’s rest from war lasted from the conclusion of Joshua’s active Conquest, to the beginning of the tribes’ settlement efforts (Judges).

Joshua Chapter Twelve

  1. Chapter Twelve is a historical review of Israel’s military victories, across the Jordan, and within the land of Canaan (Josh. 12:1).
  2. Sihon & Og, east of the Jordan (Josh. 12:2-6).

(Chapter Twelve continues tomorrow)