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Today’s reading is: Josh. 18:1-19:48


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Joshua Chapter Eighteen

  1. Following Joseph’s land-grant, the tabernacle was established at Shiloh (Josh. 18:1). Not to be confused with Gen. 49:10.
  2. Joshua expressed dismay that the remaining seven tribes had yet to muster their forces for their tribal campaigns (Josh. 18:2,3).
  3. Joshua established a survey team of 21 surveyors to go through the remaining portions of Canaan, and survey the final seven allotments (Josh. 18:4-10).
  4. Benjamin received their portion in between Judah and Ephraim (Josh. 18:11-28).

Joshua Chapter Nineteen

  1. Simeon received their portion within the southern reaches of Judah’s territory (Josh. 19:1-9).
  2. Zebulun received their portion, north of Ephraim & Manasseh, in a region that will later be called lower Galilee (Josh. 19:10-16 cf. Isa. 9:1; Mt. 4:12-16).
  3. Issachar received their portion, east of Zebulun, and south-southwest of the sea of Galilee (Josh. 19:17-23).
  4. Asher received their portion, in the far northwest, on the Mediterranean coast, from Mt. Carmel to Sidon (Josh. 19:24-31).
  5. Naphtali received their portion, in the northeast, in a region that will later be called upper Galilee (Josh. 19:32-39; Isa. 9:1,2).
  6. Dan was the last tribe to receive their portion, west of Ephraim and Judah (Josh. 19:40-46).
    1. Dan was unable to drive out the Canaanites in their territory, and relocated some of their clans to the far north (Jdg. 18:1,2).
    2. The northern city of Leshem (Laish) was taken by Dan, and renamed “Dan” (Josh. 19:47; Jdg. 18:27-29).

(Chapter Nineteen continues tomorrow)