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Today’s reading is: Ex. 37:1-39:31


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Exodus Chapter Thirty-Seven

  1. The sixth item constructed (the Ark of the Covenant) (Ex. 37:1-9) was the first item as instructed (Ex. 25:10-22).
  2. The seventh item constructed (the table of showbread) (Ex. 37:10-16) was the second item as instructed (Ex. 25:23-30).
  3. The eighth item constructed (the golden lampstand) (Ex. 37:17-24) was the third item as instructed (Ex. 25:31-40).
  4. The ninth item constructed (the altar of incense) (Ex. 37:25-28) was a separately instructed Holy Place item, the twelfth item overall as instructed (Ex. 30:1-10).
  5. The tenth and eleventh items constructed/concocted (the holy anointing oil and sacred incense) (Ex. 37:29) were separately given recipes, the fourteenth and fifteenth items as instructed (Ex. 30:22-33,34-38).

Exodus Chapter Thirty-Eight

  1. The twelfth item constructed (the brazen altar) (Ex. 38:1-7) was the ninth item as instructed (Ex. 27:1-8).
  2. The thirteenth item constructed (the bronze laver) (Ex. 38:8) was a separately instructed courtyard item, the thirteenth item overall as instructed (Ex. 30:17-21).
  3. The fourteenth item constructed (the tabernacle court) (Ex. 38:9-20) was the tenth item as instructed (Ex. 27:9-19).
  4. The census “tax” of silver is tabulated, along with the volitional gifts of gold and bronze (Ex. 38:21-31; 30:11-16).
    1. The gold and the bronze were not a part of the mandatory “tax” but a part of the volitional, grace-giving.
    2. The silver, 100 talents, and 1,775 shekels = the ½ shekel requirement (Ex. 30:13,15) for the 603,550 males that were enumerated (Ex. 38:26; Num. 1:26).  The 600,000 approximation (Ex. 12:37) was pretty close! (Remember, the ’eleph numbers may not actually be thousands).

Exodus Chapter Thirty-Nine

  1. The fifteenth and final preparations completed were the garments for Aaron and his sons (Ex. 39:1-31), the eleventh “item” as instructed (Ex. 28:1-43).
  2. The Urim and Thummim are missing from this description (cp. Ex. 28:30).
  3. The turban as instructed (Ex. 28:36-38) is called a holy crown as completed (Ex. 39:30).

(Chapter Thirty-Nine continues tomorrow)