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Today’s reading is: Ex. 35-36


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Exodus Chapter Thirty-Five

  1. Moses addresses Israel concerning the Tabernacle plans that had been given to him.
  2. He warns them that this ambitious building project is going to be constructed in keeping with the Lord’s instructions for Sabbath observance (Ex. 35:1-3).
  3. He instructs them that this ambitious building project is going to be funded entirely by volitional, grace-giving (Ex. 35:4-29).
    1. Financial grace-gifts were given (Ex. 35:5-9,20-24,27-29).
    2. Gifts of time were given by those with skill (Ex. 35:10-19,25,26).
  4. Special, temporary spiritual-gifts were bestowed for the building of the Tabernacle (Ex. 35:30-35).
    1. Bezalel: in the shadow of God; from the tribe of Judah (Ex. 35:30).
    2. Oholiab: father’s tent; from the tribe of Dan (Ex. 35:34).
    3. They were empowered to teach others (Ex. 35:34; 36:1,2).
    4. Obviously, the spiritual gifts of Tabernacle-building will no longer be given once the Tabernacle is built.
    5. The spiritual gifts of Church-building (Apostle, prophet, miracles, healing, tongues, 1st Cor. 12:28-31) have not been given since the Church was established (Eph. 2:20).  These gifts were meant to be temporary, and pass away with the completion of the canon of Scripture (1st Cor. 13:9,10).

Exodus Chapter Thirty-Six

  1. Volitional grace-giving, when accomplished by God-fearing believers, with their hearts stirred, is an amazing sight (Ex. 36:2-7).  Grace will always be sufficient (Ex. 36:7; 2nd Cor. 12:9).
  2. The elements of the Tabernacle are then constructed in accordance with the blueprints revealed to Moses (but not in the actual sequence as instructed) (Ex. 36:8-39:43).
    1. The first and second items actually constructed (curtains of linen and goats’ hair) (Ex. 36:8-18) were the fourth and fifth items verbally instructed (Ex. 26:1-13).
    2. The third item constructed (coverings of rams skins and porpoise skins) (Ex. 36:19) was the sixth item as instructed (Ex. 26:14).
    3. The boards, bases, and bars were item four as constructed (Ex. 36:20-34), item seven as instructed (Ex. 26:15-30).
    4. The inner and outer veils were item five as constructed (Ex. 36:35-38), item eight as instructed) (Ex. 26:31-37).