Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Job 30-31


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Job Chapter Thirty

  1. Job grieves over his current social curses (Job 30:1-15).
  2. Job grieves over his current enmity with God (Job 30:16-23).
  3. Job grieves over his perceived terminal condition, and expectation of no improvement (Job 30:24-31).

Job Chapter Thirty-One

  1. Job concludes his defense with a summary of his innocence (Job 31:1-34).
    1. Job defends his sexual purity (vv.1-4).
    2. Job defends his truthfulness (vv.5-8).
    3. Job defends his marital fidelity (vv.9-12).
    4. Job defends his stewardship in godliness towards his slaves (vv.13-15).
    5. Job defends his generosity in grace and compassion to the poor (vv.16-23).
    6. Job defends his stewardship in godliness concerning financial grace blessings (vv.24-28).
    7. Job defends his grace orientation concerning his enemies (vv.29,30).
    8. Job defends his hospitality (vv.31,32).
    9. Job defends his public witness (vv.33,34).
  2. Job “signs” his affidavit, and laments his inability to admit his statement into God’s court (vv.35-37).
  3. Job concludes his remarks with a defense of his Adamic stewardship of the earth (vv.38-40).