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Today’s reading is: Job 26-29


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Job Chapter Twenty-Six

  1. When the three-party prosecution rests its case, and closes their arguments, Job begins his long (6 chapters) verbal defense (Job 26-31).
  2. Job initiates his defense by rebuking the three prosecutors (comforters) (Job 26).
    1. They have been no help whatsoever (Job 26:1-3).
    2. They have been communicating Satanic information (Job 26:4).
    3. God is the victor over Satanic rebellion, so quit using Satanic wisdom against me (Job 26:5-14).
      1. The shades in Sheol are quivering in fear under Abaddon their King (vv.5,6). These demons are in total fear over the Sovereignty and majesty of God (Jas. 2:19).
      2. Rephaim (רְפָאִים rephā’iym #7496) are Nephilim giants when they have their bodies (Num. 13:33 cp. Deut. 2:10,11; 3:11,13), and shades (demons) when they have no bodies (Job 26:5; Ps. 88:10,11; Isa. 14:9; Rev. 9:1-11).
      3. Job confesses that their knowledge of Rahab’s defeat is sketchy at best (vv.12-14). Rahab has previously been mentioned (Job 9:13).

Job Chapter Twenty-Seven

  1. Job takes a terrible vow, declaring God’s unfair, untrue actions (Job 27:1-6).
    1. Job vows according to the (eternal) life of God Almighty (v.2).
    2. Job vows according to the (physical) life of his own existence (v.3).
    3. Job accuses God of being unjust and untrue (vv.4,5).
  2. Job addresses his prosecutors, giving them a terrible message of what they can expect as his enemy, or his opponent (Job 27:7-23).
    1. The “enemy” is אֹיֵב ’oyēb #341 which is the same Hebrew root as the name of Job אִיּׄוב ’iyyowb #347.
    2. Job rebukes his accusers, and demands their attention to his Bible class (vv.11,12).
    3. God frequently allows the wicked to become rich so as to provide for the righteous in grace (Job 27:16,17 cf. Prov. 13:22; 28:8; Ecc. 2:26).

Job Chapter Twenty-Eight

  1. Job describes the work of man in mining the most precious substances that can be obtained by human effort (Job 28:1-11).
  2. Job goes on to describe the wisdom of God that cannot be obtained by human effort (Job 28:12-28).
    1. Wisdom & understanding are inseparable in God’s plan (Job 12:12; 28:12,20,28; 38:36; 39:17; Ps. 49:3; 111:10; Prov. 1:2; 2:2; 3:13,19; 4:5,7; 5:1; 7:4; 8:1).
    2. The value of God’s wisdom is beyond the realm of human experience (Job 28:13-19).
    3. God is the only source for this precious wisdom (Job 28:23), which stands opposed to the wisdom of the Satanic kosmos (Job 28:22; Jas. 3:15).

Job Chapter Twenty-Nine

  1. Job misses the days when God watched over him, when he walked in the light, and was a friend of the Almighty (Job 29:1-6).
  2. Job misses the social & political blessings he enjoyed in bygone days (Job 29:7-10).
  3. Job misses the days when his judicial wisdom was universally praised (Job 29:11-13).
  4. Job misses the days when he wore righteousness and justice as garments, and served the Lord in fighting wickedness (Job 29:14-17).
  5. Job misses the days when he had long-term confidence in his future (Job 29:18-20).
  6. Job misses the days when his wisdom and counsel were universally appreciated (Job 29:21-25).