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Today’s reading is: Job 8-11


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Job Chapter Eight

  1. Bildad opens his arguments, agreeing with Eliphaz, and rebuking Job (Job 8:1,2).
  2. Bildad asserted that God is always fair (Job 8:3), Job’s sons had obviously sinned (Job 8:4), and Job himself needed to return to a pure and upright life (Job 8:5-7).
  3. Bildad judges Job based upon the wisdom of past generations (Job 8:8-10).
  4. Bildad urges Job to return to a life with God, because a life without God is hopeless (Job 8:11-22).

Job Chapter Nine

  1. Job agrees with Bildad’s basic argument, but disputes that it applies to him (Job 9:1,2).
  2. Job ponders how he can initial a legal dispute before God’s judicial throne, since He is so far beyond the realm of humanity (Job 9:3-35).
  3. Job’s knowledge of angelic conflict is again revealed as he takes notice of the judged and condemned “helpers of Rahab” (Job 9:13,14).
  4. Job insists in his innocence, and considers God to be an unjust judge, who rules by might alone, and has no concern for the righteous of the earth (Job 9:15-24).
  5. Job also wonders why he bothers living righteously, since there appears to be no reward for it (Job 9:29-31).
  6. Job laments that there is no umpire who can place him on a level footing with God, and allow them to contend on equal terms (Job 9:32-35).

Job Chapter Ten

  1. Job concludes with a full venting of the bitterness of his soul (Job 10:1).
  2. God is unfair! (Job 10:2-7).
  3. I wish I was dead! (Job 10:8-22).

Job Chapter Eleven

  1. Zophar opens his arguments, agreeing with Eliphaz & Bildad, and rebuking Job (Job 11:1-6).
  2. Zophar insists that Job’s desire to initial a legal dispute with God is hopeless (Job 11:7-12).
  3. Zophar urges Job to confess, and repent, and return to a life of blessing (Job 11:13-20).