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Today’s reading is: Job 12-14


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Job Chapter Twelve

  1. With all three friends in agreement, convinced of Job’s guilt, Job presents an argument of one who finds himself alone in the world (Job 12:1-6).
  2. Job asserts that he can preach wisdom as well as the three critics can, and delivers a tremendous sermon on God’s Sovereignty from the standpoint of creation (Job 12:7-13:2).
    1. This section opens and closes with denials of inferiority (Job 12:3; 13:2), and a hint of Job pulling rank based on his age (Job 12:12 cf. 15:10).
    2. Job affirms God’s absolute sovereignty (Job 12:9,10) then describes His seemingly arbitrary pattern for tearing down (Job 12:14-25), and failing to identify God’s uplifting of the humble (Ps. 107:40-43).

Job Chapter Thirteen

  1. Job restates that his legal case is not with them, but with the Almighty God (Job 13:3), and urges his three friends to stop representing God’s interests in this dispute (Job 13:4-12).
  2. Job is confident in his legal case before God, and knows that he will be vindicated at whatever time God chooses to hear the evidence (Job 13:13-28).
    1. Job is willing to risk physical death in order to argue his case before God (v.15).
    2. Job understands that he is qualified to approach God’s presence through prayer, and intends to do so until God answers him (v.16).
    3. Job is ready and eager to cross-examine any witnesses God may put forth (vv.22,23).

Job Chapter Fourteen

  1. Job’s summary of physical life (short and difficult) is an interesting commentary on fallen humanity’s lost estate (vv.1-6).
  2. Human resurrection is not like the natural realm (vv.7-12).
  3. Accountability will come in the next life; Job is assured of that (vv.13-17).
  4. The mountains may erode, but Job will see justice at some point (vv.18-22).