Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Job 5-7


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Job Chapter Five

  1. Eliphaz challenges Job to call upon any holy angels he’d care to, and ask them to provide wisdom (Job 5:1).  Eliphaz believes that Job will receive no reply because he is carnal (Job 5:2-7).
  2. Eliphaz urges Job to seek God (Job 5:8), accept His discipline (Job 5:17), and return to blessing (Job 5:24-26).
  3. Eliphaz concludes by affirming that he, Zophar, & Bildad have already investigated everything, and are in agreement to their conclusion (Job 5:27).

Job Chapter Six

  1. Job admits that his words (ch. 3) were rash (Job 6:3), but he spoke them in his anguish (Job 6:26).
  2. Job really does want to die, as death would be an easier work-assignment than his present near-death suffering (Job 6:8–13).
  3. Job takes pride in his continued adherence to God’s Word in spite of God’s affliction of him (Job 6:10).
  4. Job insists that times like these call for kindness, and yet his friends/brothers have come in deceit (Job 6:14-23).
  5. Job orders them to teach him accurate Doctrine from the Word of God, and stop wasting his time with human wisdom/philosophy (Job 6:24-30).

Job Chapter Seven

  1. Job complains over his difficult life in this fallen world (Job 7:1-10). This paragraph contains the first of seven times Job refers to Sheol (Job 7:9; 14:13; 17:13,16; 21:13; 24:19; 26:6).
  2. Job complains that he is not God’s enemy, but that God is treating him as such (Job 7:11-21). 
    1. In this paragraph, Job demonstrates a remarkable understanding of angelic conflict (v.12).  Am I the sea, or the dragon?  תַּנִּין tanniyn #857714x: dragon, sea monster, serpent (Gen. 1:21; Ex. 7:9,10,12; Dt. 32:33; Job 7:12; Ps. 74:13; 91:13; 148:7; Isa. 27:1; 51:9; Jer. 51:34; Ezek. 29:3; 32:2).
    2. Job identifies mankind as an inferior creation, yet magnified & tested (vv.17,18).
    3. Job again declares his desire to die—God is being unfair, so I may as well die right now.