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Today’s reading is: Gen. 18:1-21:7


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Genesis Chapter Eighteen

  1. The (Angel of the) Lord appeared to Abraham, along with two other angels in human form (Gen. 18:1,2,22; 19:1).
  2. Though the three “men” appear to be travelling, Abraham convinces them to stay and enjoy his hospitality (Gen. 18:3-8; 2nd Cor. 8:4).
  3. The Lord repeats his previous promise of a son in Sarah’s hearing, and she laughs even as Abraham had done (Gen. 18:9-15).
  4. Abraham was sexually dead, and yet he and Sarah had faith in the promise of God (Heb. 11:11,12; Rom. 4:19).
  5. The Lord determined that He would not conceal His purpose from His steward (Gen. 18:16-19), although there are times when He must do so (Deut. 29:29; Acts 1:7).
  6. The defiled land of Sodom and Gomorrah demanded investigation and annihilation (Gen. 18:20,21; cp. Gen. 4:10; Lev. 18:25; Num. 35:33; Rom. 8:19-22).
  7. Abraham understands the Lord’s intention, and undertakes an intercessory prayer ministry on behalf of his nephew, Lot (Gen. 18:22-33).
    1. Abraham is incredulous that the Lord’s Divine discipline would also impact the righteous alongside the wicked (Gen. 18:23,25; Mt. 5:45).
    2. Abraham requests the Lord to spare Sodom for the sake of 50 believers, in a city of perhaps 30,000-50,000 inhabitants.
    3. The Lord agrees to spare Sodom on account of 50 believers, which causes Abraham to fear that he had estimated too generously (Gen. 18:26-28).
    4. Abraham continues to “auction” his prayer request a total of six times.
    5. Abraham limits his own prayers to a “final answer” (Gen. 18:32).
    6. The Lord answered Abraham’s “final” prayer and departed (Gen. 18:32,33), and yet had regard for the desire of Abraham’s heart when he answered the request Abraham never stated (Gen. 19:29).

Genesis Chapter Nineteen

  1. Lot is seated in the gate of Sodom “acting like a judge” (Gen. 19:1,9).
  2. Lot was oppressed, and his righteous soul was tormented day after day (2nd Pet. 2:7,8).
  3. When the two angels arrived, Lot vehemently urged them to not stay in the city square (Gen. 19:2,3).
  4. In the evening, the men of Sodom demanded that Lot surrender his two guests into their hands for homosexual activity (Gen. 19:5), and Lot counters their demand with an offer of his two virgin daughters (Gen. 19:6-9).
  5. The angels rescue Lot, and deliver his family out of Sodom (Gen. 19:10-26).
    1. Lot’s married children are not rescued (v.14).
    2. Lot’s wife looks back, and joins in the Divine judgment (v.26; Lk. 17:32).
  6. Lot established a residence in a mountain cave, and comes into even greater evil with his two daughters (Gen. 19:30-38).

Genesis Chapter Twenty

  1. Abraham sojourned in the land of Gerar (Gen. 20:1).  Abimelech, King of Gerar, was one of the earliest Philistines to inhabit the land of Canaan (Gen. 21:34; 26:1).
  2. Abraham fails another test of fear for personal safety (Gen. 20:1,2,11; 12:12,13).
  3. God appears to Abimelech and pronounces judgment upon him (Gen. 20:3-7).
    1. Abimelech addresses God as Adonai.
    2. Abimelech describes his nation as righteous.
    3. Abimelech pleads his integrity and innocence.
    4. God and Abimelech bear witness to Sarah’s sexual purity.
  4. Abraham is then required by God to pray for Abimelech, and the Philistine kingdom (Gen. 20:8-18).
    1. Abimelech fears God (v.11).
    2. Abimelech is mindful of sin in his life and in his kingdom (v.9).
    3. Abimelech provides temporal-life blessings to God’s prophet, Abraham (vv.7,14-16).
    4. All of Abimelech’s people are called to witness Sarah’s purity (vv.8,16).
    5. Abraham intercedes for Abimelech and the Lord opens the wombs of Abimelech’s household (vv.17,18).

Genesis Chapter Twenty-One

  1. The Lord faithfully provided for the birth of Isaac, even as He had promised (Gen. 21:1-8).