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Today’s reading is: Rev. 5-8


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Revelation Chapter Five

  1. God the Father is in possession of a book, sealed with 7 seals, but nobody in all the dimensions is worthy to open it (Rev. 5:1-3).
    1. John begins to weep, because the book could not be opened (Rev. 5:4).
    2. An elder (the Church) has the perspective to bear witness to the victorious Lion (Rev. 5:5).
  2. God the Son is worthy to take the book from God the Father (Rev. 5:6-7).
    1. The lamb, standing as if slain shows that Christ has fulfilled His work assignment in His first advent.
    2. The lamb, having seven horns and seven eyes shows that Christ has fulfilled His work assignment as Head of the Church.
    3. The lamb is therefore qualified to begin His work in the Tribulation and Millennium.
  3. The Church and the angels are then pleased to sing the praises of the Lord Jesus Christ (Rev. 5:9-14).

Revelation Chapter Six

  1. Chapters 6-19 take us prophetically through the Great Tribulation of Israel.
    1. Chapters 6-10 takes us through the seven seals, and the first six trumpets.
    2. Chapters 11-19 takes us through the seventh trumpet: the seven bowls of wrath in the final destruction of Satan’s Tribulational forces.
    3. Some scholars believe that ch.11-19 are a restatement of ch.6-10 based upon an unclear reading of Rev. 10:11.  It is more straightforward to take Rev. 6-19 as an overall sequence with 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowls increasing the Divine wrath upon the earth.
  2. The seven seals are opened by the Lord in rapid succession.  Six of them are opened here in ch.6 (Rev. 6:1-17).
    1. Seal #1: the white horse (world ruler Antichrist).
    2. Seal #2: the red horse (end of the Satanic peace).
    3. Seal #3: the black horse: world food shortage.
    4. Seal #4: the pale horse: death of ¼ the earth’s population.
    5. Seal #5: comfort to the Tribulational martyrs.
    6. Seal #6: universal upheaval producing world-wide terror.

Revelation Chapter Seven

  1. As a pause in between Seal #6 & #7, John witnesses angelic activity on behalf of God’s mercy.
  2. The 4 mighty angels at the 4 corners of the earth are holding back a world-wide judgment until God’s faithful remnant can be sealed (Rev. 7:1-3).
  3. 144,000 Jewish believers are marked out for Divine preservation in the midst of the unleashed judgment (Rev. 7:4-8).
  4. An uncounted multitude of Gentile believers are also observed, having become saved and then martyred during the Tribulational period (Rev. 7:9-17).

Revelation Chapter Eight

  1. The 7th seal is broken, and a time of silence was observed before the next stage of wrath is unleashed on the Earth (Rev. 8:1-5).
  2. Seven trumpets are then blown, intensifying the wrath of God on Earth (Rev. 8:6-9:21).
    1. The first four trumpets represent world-wide plagues & destruction by direct Divine action.
    2. The final three trumpets are all called “woes.”