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Today’s reading is: 2 Tim. 1-4


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Second Timothy Chapter One

  1. Paul’s memory of Timothy in his continuous prayer-life was a source of thanksgiving during a time of trouble (2nd Tim. 1:3-5).
  2. Paul urged Timothy to “kindle afresh” his spiritual gift, and to drive on in the ministry (2nd Tim. 1:6-14).
    1. The ministry of God’s Word is a ministry of power, love, and sound judgment (v.7).
    2. The ministry of God’s Word is an intercessory ministry as we join our fellow believers in their suffering (v.8).
    3. The ministry of God’s Word is a sacred trust, which must be retained and guarded (vv.13-14 cf. 1st Tim. 6:20-21).
  3. Timothy had witnessed certain believers in Ephesus who had abandoned Paul, and certain believers who had shown mercy to him (2nd Tim. 1:15-18).

Second Timothy Chapter Two

  1. Paul impresses upon Timothy the urgency of passing the colors to coming generations of faithful Pastors (2nd Tim. 2:1-2).
  2. Paul admonishes Timothy to suffer the hardships of ministry together with him, as fellow soldiers in the angelic conflict (2nd Tim. 2:3-10).
  3. In his imprisonment, Paul composed a psalm that summarizes a believer’s hope in future reward (2nd Tim. 2:11-13).
  4. Returning to the imperatives of a local church training ministry, Paul outlines the two priorities for equipping Pastors (2nd Tim. 2:14-17a).
    1. Word-wrangling must be avoided at all costs.  It is profane and vain babbling that leads to multiplied ungodliness.
    2. Accurate handling of the Word of Truth must be pursued, in order for God’s workmen to be presented “approved.”
    3. The Pastor’s personal holiness is vital for his usefulness in delivering his flock from Satanic imprisonment (2nd Tim. 2:20-26).

Second Timothy Chapter Three

  1. Paul prophetically advised Timothy concerning the “last days” of the Dispensation of the Church (2nd Tim. 3:1-9).
    1. Families break down in these difficult times because the men are pursuing an empty form of godliness.
    2. The breakdown of the family is furthered by the captivity of women, who don’t have strong spiritual husbands to guard their families.
  2. The best provision for believers in these difficult times is outlined (2nd Tim. 3:10-15).
    1. Get saved at a young age (v.15).
    2. Get grounded in the Truth, and make progress in the Scriptures even as the workers of evil make progress in their falsehood (vv.13-15).
    3. Follow Godly examples & endure (vv.10-12).
  3. The power and authority of the Scriptures is clearly detailed (2nd Tim. 3:16-17).
    1. God-breathed.  His Word communicated through human instruments.
    2. Profitable.  For those who volitionally accept the Word in its teaching, reproof, correction, and child-training in righteousness.  Such believers are equipped for every good work.

Second Timothy Chapter Four

  1. In Paul’s final written instructions, he adjures Timothy under Divine purview to be a herald of the Word of God (2nd Tim. 4:1-5).
    1. κηρύσσω kērussō #2784: to be a herald, to proclaim after the manner of a herald.
    2. Be ready in season and out of season.
    3. Reprove, rebuke, exhort are the activities that define the herald’s proclamation.
    4. Patience and teaching comprise the manner in which these activities are performed.
    5. Expect rejection, as faithful messages will not be appreciated.
    6. Be sober, endure hardship, perform your evangelistic work and fulfill your service.
  2. The letter closes with a twice-stated appeal for Timothy to come, and a remarkable exposition of where Paul’s other companions have gone (2nd Tim. 4:9-22).