Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 26:1-5,14-25; Mk. 14:1-2,10-21; Lk. 22:1-13; Jn. 13:1-30


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Matthew Chapter Twenty-Six

  1. Jesus notified His disciples that he was within 48 hours of His death (Matt. 26:1-2), even while the conspirators were plotting the deed (Matt. 26:3-5).
  2. The conspirators find their needed Betrayer (Matt. 26:14-16 cf. Zech. 11:12-13) who had finally had enough with Jesus’ repeated teachings concerning His death (Matt. 26:6-13). (vv.6-13 were covered on Day 305)
  3. On Thursday of the Passion Week, Jesus sent two of his Disciples (Peter & John, Lk. 22:8) to arrange for their Passover meal that evening (Matt. 26:17-25).

(Chapter Twenty-Six continues tomorrow)

Mark Chapter Fourteen

  1. Mark 14 is the longest chapter in the Book.  Mk. 14:1-72 ║ Matt. 26:1-75 describes the events of Wednesday & Thursday of the Passion week, from Mary’s anointing of Jesus to Peter’s triple denial.
  2. The murder plot against Jesus grew urgent, and yet the plotters feared the people (Mk. 14:1-2).  Their big break came when one of Jesus’ own disciples agreed to help them (Mk. 14:10-11).

(vv.3-9 were covered on Day 305)

  1. On Thursday of the Passion week the disciples prepared the Passover meal for that evening (Mk. 14:12-25).
    1. During this meal, the Lord spoke of His imminent betrayal (vv.17-21).

(Chapter Fourteen continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. The chief priests and scribes were plotting the Lord’s murder.  Satan personally took possession of Judas Iscariot and motivated Judas’ betrayal (Lk. 22:1-6).
  2. On Thursday of the Passion Week [April 2nd, 33AD] Jesus sent Peter & John to take care of the Passover preparations (Lk. 22:7-13).

(Chapter Twenty-Two continues tomorrow)

John Chapter Thirteen

  1. John 13-17 contains the longest account of the Lord’s ministry to His disciples on the night in which He was betrayed.
    1. Jn. 13:1-38; 14:1-31; 15:1-27; 16:1-33; 17:1-26 contain a total of 155 verses.
    2. Matt. 26:20-46; Mk. 14:17-42; Lk. 22:14-46 contain a total of 86 verses.
  2. John’s account is the only gospel to give us the illustration of footwashing (Jn. 13:1-20).
    1. Remember, the cleansing needs for a believer are different than the cleansing needs for an unbeliever (Ps. 51:2,7; 1st Jn. 1:7,9).
    2. The example to follow is demonstrated humility (Jn. 13:14,16 cf. Lk. 12:37; 22:27).
  3. John’s account of the upper room gives us the greatest detail of the betrayal (Jn. 13:21-30).
    1. This episode is the 3rd time John records a spiritual troubling that Jesus experienced (Jn. 11:33; 12:27; 13:21). It is quickly followed with “let not your heart be troubled” (Jn. 14:1,27).
    2. The identification of the traitor is Judas’ final opportunity to repent (Jn. 13:26-27).

(Chapter Thirteen continues tomorrow)