Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 14:1-2,13-33; Mk. 6:14-16,30-52; Lk. 9:7-17; Jn. 6:1-21


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Matthew Chapter Fourteen

  1. During the days of Jesus’ Galilean ministry, news about Him came to Herod the Tetrarch (Matt. 14:1-12).
    1. Herod Antipas was the son of Herod the Great.  He ruled over the regions of Galilee and Perea from 4BC to 39AD.
    2. Herod Antipas feared that Jesus was a resurrected John the Baptist (Matt. 14:1-2).
  2. (vv.3-12 outlined yesterday)
  3. When Jesus received the word about His herald’s death, He withdrew for prayer and meditation upon His own death (Matt. 14:13-21).
    1. This miracle is the only one recorded in all four gospels (Matt. 14:13-21; Mk. 6:30-44; Lk. 9:10-17; Jn. 6:1-14).
    2. The miracle coincides with the return of The Twelve from their first ministry (Lk. 9:10-11).
    3. The miracle also marks the first recorded Passover Jesus ever failed to observe in Jerusalem (Jn. 6:4).
  4. The disciples intended to let the crowds fend for themselves for their evening meal (Matt. 14:15), but the Lord had other intentions (Matt. 14:16-21).
  5. The famous “Feeding of 5000” was followed by the famous “Walking on Water” (Matt. 14:22-33).

(Chapter Fourteen continues tomorrow)

Mark Chapter Six

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Mark’s record of the Feeding of 5000 and the Walking on Water quite candidly described the problems the Disciples were having learning from His miracles (Mk. 6:52; 8:17).

(Chapter Six continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Nine

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The growing ministry of Jesus Christ was producing a troubled heart for Herod, as he feared that perhaps John the Baptist had been raised from the dead (Lk. 9:7-9).
  2. The Feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle of Christ recorded in all four gospels (Matt. 14:13-21; Mk. 6:30-44; Lk. 9:10-17; Jn. 6:1-14).

(Chapter Nine continues on Day 293)

John Chapter Six

  1. Chapter six takes place almost one year after chapter five (Jn. 6:4).  This time, however, the Lord will not go to Jerusalem to observe the final Passover prior to the crucifixion Passover.  He is now one year away from His sacrificial work.
  2. The fourth sign/miracle recorded in John is the first miracle to also have been recorded in the synoptic gospels—the feeding of the 5000 (Jn. 6:5-14).
    1. It is the only miracle recorded in all four gospels until the miracle of the resurrection itself.
    2. John’s emphasis in this narrative is on the ministry to the disciples that the feeding of 5000 truly was.
    3. This miracle motivated the crowds to make Him their earthly King through their own human effort, but the Lord’s humility and obedience to the Father would not permit such a thing (vv.14-15).
  3. The fifth sign/miracle recorded in John is the walking on water miracle—a private miracle for His disciples (Jn. 6:16-21).

(Chapter Six continues tomorrow)