Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 9:35-10:42; 14:3-12; Mk. 6:6-13,17-29; Lk. 9:1-6


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Matthew Chapter Nine

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The Galilean ministry is once again summarized (Matt. 9:35 cf. 4:23) and Jesus’ desire to expand the ministry is then communicated (Matt. 9:36-38).

Matthew Chapter Ten

  1. Jesus had large crowds that followed Him, but twelve of them were special gifts from God the Father, and these were The Twelve who went from Disciples to Apostles (Matt. 10:1-4).
  2. The Twelve
    1. The enumeration of The Twelve occurs in four places (Matt. 10:2-4; Mk. 3:16-19; Lk. 6:13-16; Acts 1:13).
    2. The Twelve are always divided into three groups of four, and the first name of each quartet is always the same.
      1. Peter’s quartet includes Andrew, James & John.
      2. Philip’s quartet includes Bartholomew, Thomas & Matthew.
      3. James the Less’ quartet includes Thaddaeus , Simon the Zealot & Judas Iscariot.
  3. Jesus sent The Twelve out into Judah & Galilee with specific power and instructions (Matt. 10:1,5-42).
    1. His commission authorized The Twelve to cast out unclean spirits (demons) and to heal every kind of disease and sickness (v.1), even to restore physical life to the physically dead (v.8).
    2. His commission established their jurisdiction as the lost sheep of the house of Israel (vv.5-6).
    3. His commission confirmed their message: the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven (v.7).
    4. His commission designated the grace financial policy they were to operate under (vv.9-15).
    5. His commission included a warning of persecution and the need for shrewdness (vv.16-20).
  4. The Lord’s instructions for His Apostles not only addresses their immediate circumstances, but prophetically looks ahead to the Tribulation (Matt. 10:21-23).
  5. The principle of kosmos hatred is clearly established.  Servants of the Lord will be hated because the Lord Himself is hated (Matt. 10:24-25).
  6. Occupation on the Father and a faithful witness for the Son are the means by which believers may not have fear when facing the angelic conflict (Matt. 10:26-33).
  7. The Lord described the family conflicts that can arise because of a believer’s new spiritual family relationship (Matt. 10:34-39).
  8. The Lord concludes His commissioning message to the Twelve (Matt. 10:40-42).
    1. He instructed them that they represent Him, even as He represents the Father (v.40).
    2. He taught them that the basis of eternal reward is our service to the Father and the Son through our treatment of His representatives (vv.41-42).

Matthew Chapter Fourteen

(Vv.1-2 outlined tomorrow)

  1. Herod Antipas imprisoned John the Baptist for preaching against his marriage to his sister-in-law Herodias (Matt. 14:3-4).
    1. He would have executed John, except for his fear of the Jewish mob (Matt. 14:5).
    2. Herodias’ daughter Salome (Josephus Ant. 18.1-36) forced Herod’s hand to deliver John’s head (Matt. 14:6-12).

(Chapter Fourteen continues tomorrow)

Mark Chapter Six

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Jesus sent His disciples on a training ministry two by two (Mk. 6:7-13).
  2. The execution of John the Baptist is also recorded with narrative skill (Mk. 6:14-29).

(Chapter Six continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Nine

  1. The Lord sent out the Twelve to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to perform healing (Lk. 9:1-6).

(Chapter Nine continues tomorrow)