Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 4:23-25; 8:1-4,14-17; 9:1-8; Mk. 1:21-2:12; Lk. 4:31-44; 5:12-26


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Matthew Chapter Four

(Outline continues from Day 278)

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    4. Jesus began a circuit ministry throughout the cities and villages of Galilee (Matt. 4:23-25).
      1. Teaching in the synagogues.
      2. Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.
      3. Healing every kind of disease and sickness.  This was the element of His ministry that gathered the most attention.

Matthew Chapter Eight

  1. Chapters 8-10 highlight a number of miracles.  The Lord’s credentials as a prophet were undeniable (cf. Jn. 3:2).
  2. Although previous healings are mentioned (Matt. 4:23-24), Matthew’s first recorded healing describes the Lord’s healing of a leper by touching him (Matt. 8:1-4).
  3. (item#3 will be addressed in Day 285)
  4. Jesus also healed Peter’s mother-in-law and countless others in Capernaum (Mt. 8:14-17).

(Chapter Eight continues on Day 285 for vv.5-13,  Day 296 for vv.18-22,  & Day 288 for vv.23-34)

Matthew Chapter Nine

  1. The miracles and messages of Jesus’ Galilean ministry continue in Chapter 9.
  2. The first recorded disapproval by the scribes comes as Jesus forgives a paralytic’s sins (Matt. 9:1-8).

(Chapter Nine continues tomorrow)

Mark Chapter One

(Outline continues from Day 278)

  1. Christ and His first four Disciples find an unclean spirit indwelling a man in the Capernaum synagogue (Mk. 1:21-28).
  2. Mark records vivid details not mentioned by Matthew:
    1. The Lord’s early morning prayer ministry and eagerness to get to work each day in service to God the Father (Mk. 1:35,38).
    2. The multiple demons in multiple synagogues throughout Galilee (Mk. 1:39).
    3. The early Galilean popularity that prevented Jesus from publicly entering certain cities (Mk. 1:45).

Mark Chapter Two

  1. Jesus had to sneak back into Capernaum with only a few days of privacy before the crowds laid siege to the house where he was staying (Mk. 2:1-2).

(Chapter Two continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Four

(Outline continues from Day 289)

  1. The Lord established a headquarters at Capernaum (Lk. 4:31-44).
    1. He cleansed the area of unclean spirits (demons) (Lk. 4:31-37,41).
    2. He provided for the physical health of the inhabitants (Lk. 4:40).  This included Peter’s mother-in-law (Lk. 4:38-39).
    3. From Capernaum, He undertook a number of missionary campaigns (Lk. 4:42-44).

Luke Chapter Five

(Outline continues from Day 278)

  1. Jesus did not allow the increasing demands of ministry to impinge upon His personal prayer ministry (Lk. 5:12-16).
  2. The Jewish religious leaders sent so many delegates to interview Jesus that ordinary folks couldn’t get in to see him (Lk. 5:17).
  3. A group of believers, strong in their faith, found a way to get in, and the resulting ministry gave maximum glory to God (Lk. 5:18-26).

(Chapter Five continues tomorrow)