Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Jer. 42-44; Ezek. 33:21-33


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Jeremiah Chapter Forty-Two

  1. Johanan approaches Jeremiah and seeks Divine guidance for his circumstances (Jer. 42:1-6).
    1. He calls the Lord Jeremiah’s God (v.3).
    2. He agrees to do whatever the Lord says (v.6).
  2. After ten days of prayer, Jeremiah returns with the Lord’s message (Jer. 42:7-22).
    1. The refugees of Judah are ordered to remain in Judah.
    2. Their heart is already set on fleeing to Egypt.

Jeremiah Chapter Forty-Three

  1. Jeremiah is accused of lying, kidnapped, and brought by Johanan down into Egypt (Jer. 43:1-7).
  2. Jeremiah hides some stones in a courtyard in Tahpanhes, and prophesies that this would be Nebuchadnezzar’s headquarters for his Egyptian conquest (Jer. 43:8-13).

Jeremiah Chapter Forty-Four

  1. Jeremiah receives his second Egyptian message (Jer. 44:1-14).
    1. The message is a walk-thru, reminding the refugees that the judgment upon Jerusalem was the expression of God’s righteous judgment (vv.1-6).
    2. The message is a condemnation—against the continued idolatry of the refugees who fled to Egypt (vv.7-14).
  2. The people respond to Jeremiah’s message with defiance (Jer. 44:15-19).  They intend to continue worshipping the Queen of Heaven.
  3. The Lord restates His message of destruction, and provides a sign for that destruction’s fulfillment (Jer. 44:20-30).

Ezekiel Chapter Thirty-Three

(Outline continues from Day 248)

  1. The Lord opened Ezekiel’s mouth the night before the human messenger arrives with news of Jerusalem’s destruction (Ezek. 33:22 cf. 24:27).
  2. Ezekiel is reminded once more what sort of audience he has (Ezek. 33:23-33).