Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Lam. 5; Obad. 1; 2 Kgs. 25:22-26; Jer. 40:7-41:18


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Lamentations Chapter Five

  1. Chapter 5 is 22 verses long, but is not an acrostic poem.
  2. The lamentation contains three commands for the Lord: to remember (v.1), restore and renew (v.21).
  3. The lamentation describes the daily life of the Jews under the conditions of captivity.  Believers must accurately recognize how things are, and not dwell on how things should be.


  1. The Lord’s opposition to the proud (1st Pet. 5:5) applies to nations as well as individuals (Obad. 3).
  2. Human affliction has its limits, but Divine affliction is complete (Obad. 5,6).
  3. The friendships of this world system are deceptive (Obad. 7; Ps. 118:8-9).
  4. Confidence in human ability is worthless (Obad. 8,9; Jer. 9:23).
  5. Edom had rejoiced to plunder Judah when they were afflicted (Obad. 10-14; Ps. 137:7-9; Jer. 49:7-12; Ezek. 25:12-14; Joel 3:19; Am. 1:11).
  6. In addition to being a time for Israel’s judgment & discipline, the Day of the Lord will also be a time for recompense upon the Gentile nations for how they have treated Israel (Obad. 15-20).
  7. The role of Judges in those days will be established in terms of Deliverers/Saviors (Obad. 21 cf. Neh. 9:27 & Jdg. 2:16).

Second Kings Chapter Twenty-Five

(Outline continues from Day 243)

  1. Gedaliah is appointed the new Governor (2nd Kgs. 25:22-24).
  2. Jeremiah is left in Jerusalem to assist the new Governor (Jer. 39:11-14).
  3. Gedaliah’s governorship is short-lived, however, as zealous and vengeful Jews assassinate him (2nd Kgs. 25:25-26).

Jeremiah Chapter Forty

(Outline continues from Day 243)

  1. The reign of Gedaliah, Governor of Judea, is described (Jer. 40:7-12).
    1. He governed the destitute caretakers of the land (v.7b).
    2. He presided as guerrilla commanders came out of hiding (vv.7a,8-10).
    3. He presided as refugees returned from Moab, Ammon, Edom, & other countries (vv.11-12).
  2. Gedaliah is warned of an assassination attempt by Ishmael the son of Nethaniah, but he does not believe the report (Jer. 40:13-16).
    1. Johanan the son of Kareah is the informant who warns Gedaliah.  He is one of 10 Johanans in the OT.
    2. Ishmael the son of Nethaniah is the assassin.  He is one of 6 Ishmaels in the OT.

Jeremiah Chapter Forty-One

  1. Ishmael succeeded in his assassination mission against Governor Gedaliah, and murdered many others in the process (Jer. 41:1-3).
  2. Ishmael also murdered 70 additional guerrillas coming in from Shechem, Shiloh, & Samaria, and attempted to flee into Ammon with his booty (Jer. 41:4-10).
  3. Gedaliah’s murder is discovered, and Johanan the son of Kareah rescues Ishmael’s captives, but fails to catch Ishmael (Jer. 41:11-15).
  4. Johanan makes preparations to lead a collection of refugees into Egypt (Jer. 41:16-18).