Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Ezek. 26:1-14; Jer. 32-33


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Ezekiel Chapter Twenty-Six

  1. Chapter 26 begins a three chapter discourse on Tyre.  Four oracles are thus directed:
    1. A message against Tyre for their intended actions against fallen Israel (Ezek. 26).
    2. A poetic message describing the sinking of the “ship” of Tyre (Ezek. 27).
    3. A message against the Prince of Tyre (Ezek. 28:1-10).
    4. A lament for the King of Tyre (Ezek. 28:11-19).
  2. Tyre said “Aha” like Ammon did (Ezek. 26:2 cf. 25:3), and was eager to control land-based caravan trade through the region (Ezek. 26:2b).
  3. The Lord speaks to Tyre in language of the sea so they clearly understand the coming judgment (Ezek. 26:3-6).
  4. The fall of Tyre at the hands of Babylonians, Persians, & Greeks illustrates the faithfulness of God in fulfilling not only His prophecies through Ezekiel, but also the Gentile dominion as prophesied by Daniel (Ezek. 26:3-14; Dan. 2:36-43; 7:1-8).

(Chapter Twenty-Six continues tomorrow)

Jeremiah Chapter Thirty-Two

  1. Chapters 32&33 occur during the siege of Jerusalem, and Jeremiah’s imprisonment in King Zedekiah’s dungeon (Jer. 32:1-5).
  2. The Lord instructs Jeremiah to redeem his cousin’s field, and use that real estate transaction as an encouragement to Jerusalem (Jer. 32:6-15).
    1. Jeremiah’s scribe, Baruch, first appears here in the Book of Jeremiah (Jer. 32:12).
    2. Chronologically, Baruch first appears during the reign of King Jehoiakim (either Jer. 36:4 or 45:1).
  3. Jeremiah prays to the Lord with a tremendous walk through the Bible, knowing that his purchase of Hanamel’s field will become one more element in the unfolding of God’s grace eternal plan of the ages (Jer. 32:16-25).
  4. The Word of the Lord comes to Jeremiah once again—declaring the guilt of Jerusalem before the Lord (Jer. 32:26-35).
  5. The Lord is faithful to bring about His Divine discipline upon Jerusalem, and He will be faithful to bring about His New Covenant with them (Jer. 32:36-44, esp. v.42).

Jeremiah Chapter Thirty-Three

  1. Jeremiah receives a second message from the Lord during his confinement in King Zedekiah’s dungeon (Jer. 33:1).
  2. While Jerusalem was frantically trying to build up their physical walls, they were ignoring their spiritual resources in the Lord (Jer. 33:2-5).
  3. The Lord intends to heal Jerusalem (Jer. 33:6), restore and rebuild Judah & Jerusalem (Jer. 33:7), and cleanse them from all iniquity (Jer. 33:8), for His eternal glory in the sight of all the nations (Jer. 33:9).
  4. The regathering of Israel is described (Jer. 33:10-13) as the work of Jesus Christ (the Branch) (Jer. 33:14-18).
  5. The Davidic covenant is eternal, and cannot be thwarted by man any more than man can put an end to the cycle of day & night (Jer. 33:19-26).