Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Jer. 22:24-23:32; 49:1-33; 2 Kgs. 24:5-9; 2 Chr. 36:6-9


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Jeremiah Chapter Twenty-Two

(Outline continues from Day 221)

  1. Jeremiah’s message against Coniah (Jehoiachin) was that his line would be forbidden from ever sitting on the Davidic throne (Jer. 22:24-30; 2nd Kgs. 24:12-16).
    1. Under the Curse of Coniah, Jesus Christ would not be entitled to the Throne of David.
    2. Jesus Christ is not a physical son of Coniah, being (through Joseph) the legal heir and son of David by Solomon (Matt. 1:2-16), but also (through Mary) a literal and physical son David by Nathan (Lk. 3:23-38).
    3. Both genealogical lines intersect at Shealtiel & Zerubabbel, and at Jesus Christ (Matt. 1:12; Lk. 3:27).  To Zerubabbel was given a mitigation of the Coniah Curse, to be applied at the Second Advent of Jesus Christ (Hag. 2:21-23).

Jeremiah Chapter Twenty-Three

  1. The Lord rebukes the faithless shepherds (kings) of Judah (Jer. 23:1-4; cf. Ezek. 34).
  2. He promises a faithful Branch, Who will be a blessing to His people (Jer. 23:5-8; 33:15).
    1. The Branch is the Lord Jesus Christ, first introduced by Isaiah (Isa. 4:2; 11:15; 53:2).
    2. The Branch will also be spoken of by Ezekiel (Ezek. 17:2-10,22-24), & Zechariah (Zech. 3:8; 6:12-13).
    3. His Royal Name will be יְהוָה צִדְקֵנוּ Jehovah Tsidqēnu: The Lord our Righteousness (Jer. 23:6).
    4. The regathering of Israel into the land will overshadow even the Exodus of Israel out of Egypt (Jer. 23:7-8; 16:14-15).
  3. The Lord describes and denounces the false prophets of Jeremiah’s day (Jer. 23:9-40).
    1. The false prophets broke Jeremiah’s heart (v.9).
    2. The false prophets of Samaria & Jerusalem are addressed (vv.13-15).
    3. Believers are accountable to the Lord to reject false teaching (vv.16,18; 1st Cor. 14:29; 1st Thess. 5:20-21; 1st Jn. 4:1).
    4. The whole object for false teaching is to get believers’ eyes off the Lord (v.27).
    5. The true prophet wields both fire and hammer (vv.28-32).

(Chapter Twenty-Three continues tomorrow)

Jeremiah Chapter Forty-Nine

  1. Ammon’s pride brings about destruction (Jer. 49:1-5), but like Moab, Ammon is promised a restoration (Jer. 49:6).
  2. Edom’s worldly wisdom is brought to an end by the Lord’s wrath (Jer. 49:7-22).
  3. Damascus, the city of praise, is silenced (Jer. 49:23-27).
  4. Kedar’s & Hazor’s prosperity and tranquility are ended, as Kedar & Hazor are plundered (Jer. 49:28-33).

(Chapter Forty-Nine continues on Day 230)

Second Kings Chapter Twenty-Four

(Outline continues from Day 221)

  1. Jehoiakim did not enjoy any blessings of national freedom, as the Lord continued to extend judgment upon the house of Manasseh (2nd Kgs. 24:1-7).
  2. The three month reign of King Jehoiachin of Judah is described (2nd Kgs. 24:8-17).

(Chapter Twenty-Four continues on Day 231)

Second Chronicles Chapter Thirty-Six

(Outline continues from Day 221)

  1. The 11 year reign of Jehoiakim (2nd Chr. 36:5-8; 2nd Kgs. 23:34-37; 24:1-5).  Jehoiakim was bound in chains (2nd Chr. 36:6), but left in Jerusalem in exchange for royal hostages (cf. Dan. 1:3ff.).
  2. The 3 month reign of Jehoiachin (2nd Chr. 36:9-10; 2nd Kgs. 24:6-16).  Jehoiachin was 18 years old (Kings) rather than 8 years old (Chronicles, disputed text).

(Chapter Thirty-Six continues on Day 231)