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Today’s reading is: Isa. 40-44:5


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Isaiah Chapter Forty

  1. Beginning with chapter 40, Isaiah communicates a message of double comfort (Isa. 40:1).
    1. נָחַם nācham #5162: piel. to comfort, console.  The Prophet Nahum “comfort.”  Nehemiah “Jehovah comforts.”
    2. The double comfort is extended as Jerusalem has gone through double discipline (Isa. 40:2).
    3. The comfort can only come through the administration of such discipline, and the removal of Jerusalem’s iniquity—in other words, at the second Advent of Jesus Christ following the Tribulation of Israel. 
  2. This time of comfort is going to be announced by a herald (Isa. 40:2-5).
    1. The herald orders a clear way, and a smooth highway for the Lord to make His appearance (Isa. 40:3).
    2. The herald orders extensive topographical changes for the Lord to make His residence (Isa. 40:4; cf. 35:1-10; Zech. 14:4-5).
    3. The herald announces a worldwide revelation of the glory of the Lord (Isa. 40:5).
    4. The prophet Malachi also spoke of this coming herald (Mal. 3:1; 4:5-6).
      1. This herald announces the entrance of the Lord into His temple (Mal. 3:1).
      2. The herald’s primary ministry is going to be a ministry of national repentance for Israel (Mal. 4:5-6).
    5. John the Baptizer partially fulfilled this herald function (Luke 1:17; Matt. 3:3; 17:12,13). 
      1. He directly denied being the Elijah that the Pharisees were anticipating (Jn. 1:21).
      2. The Lord Jesus Christ promised that another Elijah is still to come (Matt. 17:11).
  3. The herald’s message will be a celebration of the eternal Word of God (Isa. 40:6-8).
  4. Isaiah prophesies another herald—Jerusalem herself will be the bearer of good news (Isa. 40:9-11).
  5. Isaiah celebrates the glory of God and His majesty (Isa. 40:12-26).
  6. Isaiah rebukes Jacob for their lack of faith, in failing to humble themselves for the Lord’s gracious provision (Isa. 40:27-31).

Isaiah Chapter Forty-One

  1. Chapter 40 began with a message of comfort for Jerusalem.  Chapter 41 begins with a message of strength for the Gentile nations.
    1. The Gentile nations who renew their strength (Isa. 41:1) will be the nations who wait upon the Lord (Isa. 40:31).
    2. Only the sheep nations at the right hand of Jesus Christ will reap the blessings that He has for them (Matt. 25:34-40).
  2. The message to the Gentile nations introduces a Gentile conqueror, an agent of the Lord’s purpose (Isa. 41:2-4).
    1. This conqueror is aroused and called in righteousness (v.2a).
    2. This conqueror is given victory in every military endeavor (vv.2b,3).
    3. This conqueror is the tool of the Lord, Who accomplishes all things as the Alpha/Omega “I AM” (v.4).
  3. Isaiah describes the Tribulational activity of the coastlands (Isa. 41:5-7).  The world thinks that through world-wide cooperation, they can build a world of peace, and overcome their fear.
  4. Israel is the unique nation on the earth as they are the servant nation of the Lord, looking to Him for help (Isa. 41:8-16).
  5. Eschatological theocratic kingdom blessings are then described (Isa. 41:17-20).
  6. The Lord requires the fallen angels to submit their final arguments in the supreme court of heaven (Isa. 41:21-24), before He dispatches the elect angel to incarcerate them (Isa. 41:25-29; Rev. 20:1-3).

Isaiah Chapter Forty-Two

  1. Isaiah 42 describes the Lord Jesus Christ in a beautiful way (Isa. 42:1-4). This is the first of four servant songs.*
    1. He is a servant of God the Father, held fast by His hand (Isa. 42:1a; Phil. 2:7; Jn. 16:32; Acts 10:38).
    2. He is the Elect (Chosen) One (Isa. 42:1b1; Jn. 6:27; 1st Pet. 2:4,6).
    3. He is pleasing to the soul of the Father (Isa. 42:1b2; Matt. 3:17; 17:5).
    4. He is indwelled by the Holy Spirit (Isa. 42:1c; Matt. 3:16; Acts 10:38).
    5. He is to rule the nations (Isa. 42:1d).
    6. He will silently endure shame (Isa. 42:2; 1st Pet. 2:23).
    7. He will suffer, but not break, and through His being crushed, He will establish justice in the earth (Isa. 42:3,4a; Heb. 12:2-4; 1st Pet. 2:24).
    8. Following this work, a period of expectant waiting will begin until His worldwide instruction will begin (Isa. 42:4b; 1st Thess. 1:9-10).
  2. This entire prophecy can only have its fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:18-20).
  3. God the Father has a personal message for the Lord Jesus Christ as God the Son agrees to accomplish the Father’s good pleasure (Isa. 42:5-9; Lk. 2:32; Jn. 17:5-6).
  4. A victory song is composed for the Gentile nations to sing in the Millennium (Isa. 42:10-13).
  5. The Lord is pleased to accomplish all these things on behalf of Israel and the Gentile nations who cannot totally comprehend the depths of His plan (Isa. 42:14-25).

Song #1 Isa. 42:1-9; Song #2 Isa. 49:1-13; Song #3 Isa. 50:4-11; Song #4 Isa. 52:13-53:12. A great study is The Servant Songs: A Study in Isaiah, by F. Duane Lindsey: Moody Press (1985). Originally published in 5 parts, Bibliotheca Sacra #553-557 (1982-1983).

Isaiah Chapter Forty-Three

  1. The promise of restoration for Israel is unconditional, as it is based on their unconditional redemption (Isa. 43:1-7).
  2. Only God is God, and only His witnesses are true witnesses, and He demands any other pretenders to step forward and introduce their witnesses (Isa. 43:8-13).
  3. The Lord, Redeemer of Israel, will restore Israel from their coming Babylonian captivity (Isa. 39:6-7; 43:14-21).
  4. He does so for His name sake, as their idolatry has earned them no mercy whatsoever (Isa. 43:22-28).

Isaiah Chapter Forty-Four

  1. The Lord promises blessings of prosperity upon Jeshurun (Israel in prosperity) (Isa. 44:1-5).

(Chapter Forty-Four continues tomorrow)