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Today’s reading is: 2 Sam. 15:1-17:14


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2nd Samuel Chapter Fifteen

  1. Absalom undertook a four year program to usurp King David’s authority, and esteem in the eyes of Israel (2nd Sam. 15:1-6).
  2. When the time was ripe, Absalom unveiled himself in Hebron, and proclaimed himself King (2nd Sam. 15:7-12).
    1. Hebron gives him the legitimacy of the elders of Judah (2nd Sam. 15:10).
    2. The men of Jerusalem went innocently to Hebron, and are either won over to Absalom’s cause, or held as hostages in Absalom’s upcoming march to the capital (2nd Sam. 15:11).
    3. Ahithophel’s alliance in the conspiracy enables the matter to succeed (2nd Sam. 15:12,30,31; 16:23).
  3. When David hears of the coup d’état, he orders an immediate evacuation (2nd Sam. 15:13-37).
    1. David evacuates with his household, but leaves ten concubines to manage the estate (2nd Sam. 15:16).
    2. David tries to dismiss his bodyguard and bequeath them to Absalom (2nd Sam. 15:19-22).
    3. David does dismiss Zadok, Abiathar, and the priesthood to return with the ark of the covenant (2nd Sam. 15:24-29).
    4. David also dismisses Hushai the Archite to counteract Ahithophel’s counsel, and form a counter-conspiracy with Zadok & Abiathar (2nd Sam. 15:30-37).

2nd Samuel Chapter Sixteen

  1. Ziba, the appointed steward for Mephibosheth, greets David with help and a bad report concerning his master (2nd Sam. 16:1-4).  This report will later be called into question (2nd Sam. 19:24-30). See Prov. 18:17.
  2. Shimei, a Benjamite clansman of Saul’s, curses David on his way out of town (2nd Sam. 16:5-14).
    1. Shimei’s methods are slanderous (2nd Sam. 16:5-7).
    2. Shimei’s message is a lie (2nd Sam. 16:8).
    3. David accepts his Divine discipline, and considers that Shimei’s cursing may well be from the Lord (2nd Sam. 16:10-12).
  3. Without a fight, Absalom the Usurper arrives in the capital city his father conquered (2nd Sam. 16:15; cf. 5:6-10).
    1. He arrives in the company of Ahithophel (2nd Sam. 16:15).
    2. He encounters Hushai, and accepts Hushai’s allegiance (2nd Sam. 16:16-19).
    3. He follows Ahithophel’s advice, and publicly shames David (2nd Sam. 16:20-23).

2nd Samuel Chapter Seventeen

  1. Ahithophel continues to advise Absalom, and counsels him in a plan for the destruction of David (2nd Sam. 17:1-4).
  2. The Lord utilized the contradictory advice from Hushai to deliver David from Absalom’s evil (2nd Sam. 17:5-14).
    1. Ahithophel’s advice is an effective method to get the job done.
    2. Hushai’s advice appeals to Absalom’s pride—why should Ahithophel get the glory?  Absalom should have the victory.

(Chapter Seventeen continues tomorrow)