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Today’s reading is: 2 Sam. 6:12-23; 1 Chr. 15-16


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2nd Samuel Chapter Six

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. David entrusts the Ark into Obed-Edom’s care, and three months later makes a second attempt to bring the Ark to Jerusalem (2nd Sam. 6:11,12).
    1. This time, he was careful to observe Levitical procedures for the transportation of the Ark (1st Chr. 15:1-28).
    2. David presided, not as a priest, but as a Prophet-King (2nd Sam. 6:14; 1st Chr. 15:27 cp. 1st Sam. 2:18).
  2. Michal reacts with disapproval over David’s public image (2nd Sam. 6:20-23; 1st Chr. 15:29).

1st Chronicles Chapter Fifteen

  1. Chapter 15 details David’s second attempt to bring the Ark of the Covenant into the city of Jerusalem (1st Chr. 15:1-29; 2nd Sam. 6:12-16).
  2. David realized his error in his previous attempt (1st Chr. 15:2,12,13).
    1. He assembles the Levitical clan chiefs of Kohath, Gershom, and Merari (1st Chr. 15:3-7).
    2. He supplements Kohath with three additional Kohath family chiefs (1st Chr. 15:8-10).
    3. He assembles the Aaronic chief priests from the line of Eliezer (Zadok) and the line of Ithamar (Abiathar) (1st Chr. 15:11).
  3. It is on this occasion that David institutes a total reform of the primary Levitical activity—organizing the Levitical orchestra and choir (1st Chr. 15:16-24).
    1. The Levites no longer had tabernacle caretaking responsibilities.
    2. Their service of assistance to the Aaronic priesthood would take a new form in the settled condition of the coming Jerusalem temple.
    3. Introduced here are lead-singers Heman, Asaph, & Ethan (1st Chr. 15:17).
      1. From the Clan of Kohath: Heman son of Joel, son of Samuel (1st Chr. 6:33- 38).  He is called the seer of David (1st Chr. 25:5).
      2. From the Clan of Gershon: Asaph son of Berechiah (1st Chr. 6:39-43).  The author of 12 psalms (Ps. 50,73-83).
      3. From the Clan of Merari: Ethan son of Kushaiah (1st Chr. 6:44-47).  Ethan was also known as Jeduthun (1st Chr. 25:1).  3 psalms are dedicated to Jeduthun (Ps. 39,62,77).
  4. David led the national parade into Jerusalem (1st Chr. 15:25-28), but his wife Michal did not have the soul capacity to rejoice with David’s rejoicing (v.29).

1st Chronicles Chapter Sixteen

  1. David placed the Ark in a special tent, and personally financed a national celebration (1st Chr. 16:1-3).
  2. David assigned Asaph the responsibility to minister before the Ark (1st Chr. 16:4-6).
  3. Either David, or Asaph compiled a psalm to celebrate the event (1st Chr. 16:8-36).  This psalm is a medley of three other psalms.
    1. 1st Chr. 16:8-22 = Ps. 105:1-15.
    2. 1st Chr. 16:23-33 = Ps. 96:1b-13a.
    3. 1st Chr. 16:34-36 = Ps. 106:1,47,48.
  4. For the time-being, David leaves the Ark in Jerusalem, and the tabernacle in the high place at Gibeon (1st Chr. 16:37-43).