Daily reading

Today’s reading is: 2 Sam. 5:1-13,17-25; 6:1-11; 1 Chr. 3:4; 11:1-9; 12:23-14:2,8-17


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2nd Samuel Chapter Five

  1. All the tribes of Israel came to David and submitted to his rule (2nd Sam. 5:1-5).
  2. David conquers Jerusalem (in Benjamite territory), and makes it his capital (2nd Sam. 5:6-10; 1st Chr. 11:4-9).
  3. David enjoyed a peaceful relationship with Tyre (2nd Sam. 5:11,12).
  4. David added wives, concubines, and many children in Jerusalem (2nd Sam. 5:13-16; 1st Chr. 3:5-9; 14:3-7).
  5. David’s united kingdom was tested by two Philistine invasions (2nd Sam. 5:17-25).
    1. Invasion #1 was destroyed at Baal-perazim (2nd Sam. 5:20), and great financial blessings were reaped for Israel (2nd Sam. 5:21, cf. Job 27:16-17; Prov. 13:22; 28:8; Ecc. 2:26).
    2. Invasion #2 was destroyed when the Lord went forth and drove the Philistines into David’s trap to their rear (2nd Sam. 5:22-25, cf. 2nd Kgs. 7:6), providing a crushing victory over the united Philistine armies (2nd Sam. 5:25).
    3. Total domination of the Philistine nation will come shortly (2nd Sam. 8:1), although they will revolt again near the end of David’s lifetime (2nd Sam. 21:15-22).

(Three missing verses from Chapter Five will be covered on Day 120)

2nd Samuel Chapter Six

  1. David desired to bring the Ark of the Covenant to his new capital of Jerusalem (2nd Sam. 6:1-2).
  2. The Ark had been at Kiriath-Jearim since 1st Sam. 7:1-2 (perhaps 100 years).
  3. David & his men utilize Philistine methodology for the transportation of the Ark (2nd Sam. 6:3-4; cf. 1st Sam. 6:7).
  4. David & all Israel celebrated in the parade (2nd Sam. 6:5; 1st Chr. 13:8).  שָׂחַק sāchaq #7832: to laugh, play, dance, mock.  (Jdg. 16:25,27; 1st Sam. 18:7; 2nd Sam. 2:14; 6:5,21; 1st Chr. 13:8; 15:29; Ps. 2:4; 37:13; 52:6; 59:8; 104:26; Prov. 8:30,31; 26:19; 31:25; Ecc. 3:4; Zech. 8:5).
  5. Uzzah is struck dead for touching the Ark (2nd Sam. 6:6,7; 1st Chr. 13:9,10).  This is an issue of irreverence, or negligence.
  6. David becomes angry, afraid, and adamant (2nd Sam. 6:8-10; 1st Chr. 13:11-13).

(Chapter Six continues tomorrow)

1st Chronicles Chapter Eleven

  1. Chapter 11 begins with the united tribes of Israel coming to David and accepting his kingship (1st Chr. 11:1-3; 2nd Sam. 5:1-5).
  2. The 7½ year reign of David in Hebron is overlooked, as it is not a part of the LORD’s spiritual ministry to His united nation (2nd Sam. 2-4).
  3. The capture of Jerusalem, and the establishment of the City of David as the capital of Israel is important to Ezra’s spiritual commentary of Israel’s history (1st Chr. 11:4-9; 2nd Sam. 5:6-10).
  4. While 2nd Samuel omitted the account of Joab’s valor, the Chronicler included it as an explanation for how such a godless man could hold such a trusted position in David’s court.

1st Chronicles Chapter Twelve

(Outline continues from Day 112, 110, 113)

  1. The greatest gathering of soldiers to David’s side occurred at his coronation over all Israel (1st Chr. 12:23-40).
    1. This is where Zadok is introduced, as a faithful priest and a mighty man of valor over 22 units of Levitical soldiers (v.28).
    2. These men came to David with a perfect heart, and one mind (v.38), and feasted in Godly fellowship before the LORD (vv.39,40).

1st Chronicles Chapter Thirteen

  1. Chapter 13 describes David’s first attempt to bring the Ark into Jerusalem (1st Chr. 13:1-14; 2nd Sam. 6:1-11).
  2. The Ark was not a priority for the unspiritual reign of King Saul (1st Chr. 13:3).
  3. Israel chose to transport the Ark via a new cart (1st Chr. 13:7; cf. Num. 7:3-9).  This was a Philistine method of transport, not the LORD’s prescribed method.
  4. Believers need to understand that the right thing done in the wrong way is wrong (1st Chr. 13:9-10).
    1. In the area of God’s worship, the wrong thing brings about immediate Divine Discipline.
    2. Our worship is a direct responsibility of God the Father (Jn. 4:22).
  5. David’s failure becomes the opportunity for Obed-edom the Gittite to bear fruit for Divine blessing (1st Chr. 13:11-14).

1st Chronicles Chapter Fourteen

  1. The LORD blessed David’s kingdom, and motivated Hiram, king of Tyre, to bless David with material and craftsmen to construct a new palace (1st Chr. 14:1-2; 2nd Sam. 5:11-12).
  2. David’s Jerusalem marriages and children are then described (1st Chr. 14:37; 3:59).
  3. David’s early reign was marked by two Philistine invasions, and David’s crushing victories over them (1st Chr. 14:8-17; 2nd Sam. 5:17-25).
    1. In 2nd Samuel it is recorded that David’s men carried away the Philistine idols (2nd Sam. 5:21).
    2. In Chronicles, it is recorded that David vetoed their plunder, and ordered the idols destroyed (1st Chr. 14:12). 
  4. David’s fame was designed to produce fear on all the nations (1st Chr. 14:17; Ex. 15:14-16; Deut. 2:25; Josh. 2:9).

(Five missing verses from Chapter Fourteen will be covered tomorrow)