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Today’s reading is: Num. 7


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Numbers Chapter Seven

  1. The twelve princes of the twelve tribes of Israel brought freewill grace gift offerings to the Lord on the day that the tabernacle was completed (Num. 7:1-89 cf. Ex. 40:17).
  2. The twelve princes are the same leaders that were designated by the Lord when the tribes were enumerated (Num. 7:2; 1:5-16).
    1. From the Tribes of R,S,J,I,Z,E,M,B,D,A,G,N.
    2. Elizur, Shelumiel, Nahshon, Nethanel, Eliab, Elishama, Gamaliel, Abidan, Ahiezer, Pagiel, Eliasaph, Ahira.
  3. The twelve princes brought a collective gift of six carts and twelve oxen for the transportation of the tabernacle (Num. 7:3).
    1. Two carts and four oxen were given to Gershon for his service (Num. 7:7).
    2. Four carts and eight oxen were given to Merari for his service (Num. 7:8).
    3. No carts were given to Kohath, as their service was to carry the holy items with the designated poles (Num. 7:9).
  4. The twelve leaders offered their offerings to the Lord one per day, over a period of twelve days (Num. 7:10,11,12-83). The tribal princes each brought a חֲנֻכָּה chanukkah #2598: dedication (Num. 7:10,22,84,88; 2nd Chr. 7:9; Neh. 12:27; Ps. 30:title). The Jewish feast by this name commemorates Judas Maccabeus’s rededication of the altar in the intertestamental period.
    1. The order of the dedications was the same as the order of the camp: JIZ,RSG,EMB,DAN (Num. 2:3-31).
    2. The twelve day labor did not violate the Sabbath, as this was exactly what the Sabbath was for—the worship of the Lord (Mt. 12:5; Lev. 12:3; Num. 28:9,10).
  5. Moses was not a priest, but as Mediator (Ex. 20:19; Deut. 5:5; Gal. 3:19,20) he had the privilege of entering into the tabernacle and hearing the voice of God from above the mercy seat (Num. 7:89).