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Today’s reading is: Job 35-37


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Job Chapter Thirty-Five

  1. Elihu again quotes Job, and details the sinfulness of Job’s fatalistic assessment (Job 35:2-5).
  2. Elihu reminds Job of God’s absolute essence, and the futility of man’s relative righteousness (Job 35:6-8).
  3. Elihu admonishes Job to quit demanding God’s answer, because God will never answer any empty demand of pride (Job 35:9-14a).
  4. The answer is to “wait” until it pleases God to explain Himself—if ever (Job 35:14b-16).
    P=  God is never obligated to give any explanation of His workings, but chooses to do so on occasions, when such instruction is edifying to His creatures (Isa. 45:9; Jer. 18:1-12; Rom. 9:19-24).

Job Chapter Thirty-Six

  1. Elihu begins the conclusion to his discourse with an affirmation of perfect knowledge, certainly in the presence of God with the speaking of truth (Job 36:1-4 cf. 37:16; Ps. 34:18; 145:18).
  2. Elihu goes beyond the three critics in their simplistic retribution theology (Job 36:5-7a) by stressing the eternal consequences for our temporal life (Job 36:7b-c).
  3. God’s affliction in your life is instructive and beneficial (Job 36:8-16).
  4. God is teaching you a lesson, if you will learn from it, and quit accusing Him of being wrong (Job 36:17-23).
  5. God is above and beyond our comprehension (Job 36:24-33; Isa. 55:9).

Job Chapter Thirty-Seven

  1. Elihu is stressing lightning and thunder as the visible and audible testimonies for God’s judgment (Job 36:24-33 & 37:1-13). God has promised to never again destroy the world with a flood but He remains the exalted and awesome God of the Flood.
  2. God is great, and His works are to be greatly praised, especially when we don’t understand them (Job 36:24-26; 37:1,2; Psalm 145).
  3. Elihu’s conclusion: we must listen, stand and consider (Job 37:14). We must humbly stand before God in fear, and not in pride (Job 37:14-24).

Important to note: Elihu is not rebuked by the Lord for his message and does not require Job’s intercessory prayer (Job 42:7-9).