Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Gen. 25:1-26; 1 Chr. 1:28-34


Genesis Chapter Twenty-Five

  1. Abraham truly became the father of a multitude of nations (Gen. 17:5).
    1. By Hagar, he fathered Ishmael and the twelve princes of the Ishmaelites (Gen. 21:13,18; 25:12-18).
    2. By Keturah, another concubine, he fathered six additional sons, which formed seven nations (Gen. 25:1-4).
    3. Isaac’s firstborn, Esau, will father the Edomite nation (Gen. 36:9-43).
    4. Esau’s twin, Jacob, will be renamed Israel (Gen. 32:28; 35:10), and father the twelve tribes of God’s chosen people (Gen. 49:2-28).
  2. Abraham understood the significance of Isaac’s inheritance, and made a deliberate distinction between him, and his other brothers (Gen. 25:6).
  3. Abraham died at the age of 175 (Gen. 25:8).
    1. He was an old man and “satisfied.”  Dying grace allowed Abraham to finish his course with confidence.
    2. He was “gathered to his people”.  Physical death means the soul is reunited with those who have gone before.
  4. Isaac settled in Beer-lahai-roi, and enjoyed the blessings of the Lord (Gen. 25:11; 16:14; 24:62).
    1. Isaac’s temporal-life blessings did not include children for twenty years (Gen. 25:20,26).
    2. Isaac & Rebekah must be tested in their generation, even as Abraham & Sarah were tested in theirs.
    3. Isaac & Rebekah learned the benefit of marital prayers through their time of testing (Gen. 25:21,22; 1st Pet. 3:7).
    4. God’s answer to their prayers taught the clear gracious choice of the younger over the older (Gen. 25:23; Rom. 9:10-13).

(Chapter Twenty-Five continues tomorrow)