Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 26:57-75; Mk. 14:53-72; Lk. 22:54-71; Jn. 18:15-27


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Matthew Chapter Twenty-Six

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Jesus stood trial before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin in an illegal night-session (Matt. 26:57,59-68).
  2. Peter was loitering outside the proceedings and fulfilled the Lord’s prophecy (Matt. 26:58,69-75).

Mark Chapter Fourteen

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The chapter closes with the Lord’s night trial before the Sanhedrin (Mk. 14:53-65), and Peter’s triple denial (Mk. 14:66-72).

Luke Chapter Twenty-Two

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Peter followed the Lord and tried to observe the proceedings, but ended up fulfilling the prophecy of triple denial (Lk. 22:54-62).
  2. The Sanhedrin assembled first thing Friday morning [April 3rd, 33AD] and condemned Jesus for blasphemy (Lk. 22:66-71).

John Chapter Eighteen

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. John’s account provides information on a pre-trial hearing before Annas (Jn. 18:13-15,19-23), and glosses over the proceedings before Caiaphas (v.24).

(Chapter Eighteen continues tomorrow)

Further Resources

More details for these trials are contained in the Austin Bible Church Life of Christ series (#412-415).

For another tremendous study on these events, see Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s The Trial of the Messiah (MBS009).