Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Mt. 15:21-16:20; Mk. 7:24-8:30; Lk. 9:18-21


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Matthew Chapter Fifteen

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Jesus “withdrew” to Phoenicia for a short period of time (Matt. 15:21-28).
    1. The demonic affliction of the world was not limited to Israel.
    2. The Canaanite woman understood the implications of “Son of David” (v.22a), the nature of the angelic conflict (v.22b), and her position as a “dog” beneath the Master’s table (v.27).
  2. Following His work on behalf of the one Gentile woman, the Lord had ministry to large Gentile crowds (Matt. 15:29-31 cf. Mark 7:31-37).
  3. The disciples either failed to learn the lesson when 5000 were fed, or assumed that the Lord would not feed Gentiles in the same way.  In either event, the Lord repeated the miracle and fed 4000 (Matt. 15:32-39).

Matthew Chapter Sixteen

  1. The Pharisees & Sadducees approached Jesus and asked again for a sign from heaven (Matt. 16:1-4 cf. 12:38).
  2. Jesus warned His disciples to beware the leaven of the Pharisees & Sadducees (Matt. 16:5-12).
  3. Jesus questioned His disciples about public opinion concerning Him (Matt. 16:13-20).
    1. The poorly taught population of Israel were divided.  They thought that Jesus was a resurrected prophet.
    2. Not one group considered Jesus to be the Christ, the Son of the living God.
    3. Simon Peter correctly identified Jesus as the Christ.  His confession is “this rock” upon which Jesus’ Church would be built (cf. Jn. 11:27; 1st Jn. 2:22).
    4. The Apostles will manifest heavenly authority on earth during the Kingdom of Heaven (Mystery State).

(Chapter Sixteen continues tomorrow)

Mark Chapter Seven

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Mark’s servant-oriented gospel highlighted Christ’s purpose for withdrawing to Tyre—rest and relaxation (Mk. 7:24-30).
  2. Another retreat, to the northeast of the Sea of Galilee (Decapolis) resulted in even greater fame among the Gentiles (Mk. 7:31-37).  This is one of only two miracles of Christ that is unique to Mark’s gospel.

Mark Chapter Eight

  1. The Lord repeated His miracle of feeding the 5,000 by feeding the 4,000.  This time, though, He supplied a Gentile audience (Mk. 8:1-10).
  2. The Pharisees requested a sign from heaven in order to tempt (πειράζω peirazō #3985) Him (Mk. 8:11-13).
  3. Christ patiently taught His disciples—reviewing past lessons even as He taught new lessons (Mk. 8:14-21).
  4. The healing of this blind man is the second of only two miracles of Christ unique to Mark’s gospel (Mk. 8:22-26).
  5. Israel was terribly unprepared to receive their Christ—not even recognizing Him for Who He was (Mk. 8:27-30).
    1. The disciples accepted Him as their Messiah (v.29), but from this day forth were charged to no longer proclaim the gospel until the death, burial, & resurrection of Christ (v.30).

(Chapter Eight continues tomorrow)

Luke Chapter Nine

(Outline continues from Day 291)

  1. Following His greatest public miracle, the Lord began to prepare His disciples for His upcoming crucifixion (Lk. 9:18-22).

(Chapter Nine continues tomorrow)