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Today’s reading is: 1 Chr. 5:18-26; 6:3-15; 7:1-8:28


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First Chronicles Chapter Five

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The Hagride war is a curious episode in the history of the trans-Jordan tribes (1st Chr. 5:18-22).
  2. Chapter 5 closes with the last of the trans-Jordan tribes: the ½ tribe of Manasseh (1st Chr. 5:23-26; Gen. 46:20; Num. 26:15-18).

First Chronicles Chapter Six

(Outlines skipped on Day 034, 091, & 119 included in full here)

Rhodes’ reading breakdown: Day 034 vv.1-3; Day 249 vv.3-15; Day 119 vv.16-53; Day 091 vv.54-81

  1. First Chronicles Chapter Six is a critical passage in the detail of the Tribe of Levi, and the Aaronic priesthood established under Mosaic Law.
  2. The Tribe of Levi was divided into three primary Levitical clans: Gershon, Kohath, and Merari (1st Chr. 6:1,16; Gen. 46:11; Num. 26:57-62).
    1. The Clan of Gershom/Gershon was divided into two Houses: Libni & Shimei (1st Chr. 6:17).  Some of their descendants are listed (1st Chr. 6:20-21).
    2. The Clan of Kohath was divided into four Houses: Amram, Izhar, Hebron, & Uzziel (1st Chr. 6:2,18).  Some of their descendants are listed (1st Chr. 6:22-28).
    3. The Clan of Merari was divided into two Houses: Mahli & Mushi (1st Chr. 6:19).  Some of their descendants are listed (1st Chr. 6:29-30).
  3. The House of Amram (within the Clan of Kohath) was divided into two families: Aaron & Moses (1st Chr. 6:3).  (Miriam was evidently unmarried, and would have become a part of her husband’s house had she married). [TTB Day 034]
  4. The Family of Aaron is the priestly family of Israel.  The line of descent from Aaron to Jehozadak is then detailed (1st Chr. 6:3-15). [TTB Day 249]
  5. The Levitical music ministries of Heman (1st Chr. 6:31-38) and Ethan (1st Chr. 6:39-48) are described.
  6. The Aaronic heritage is reviewed once again, from Aaron down to Ahimaaz the son of Zadok (1st Chr. 6:49-53). [TTB Day 119]  The Levitical territory is defined (1st Chr. 6:54-81; Josh. 21:1-42). [TTB Day 091]
  7. The specific Levitical genealogies are important as specific promises of blessing are established for the Division of Zadok within the Family of Aaron (Ezek. 40:46; 43:19; 44:15; 48:11).

First Chronicles Chapter Seven

  1. Chapter 7 details the tribal history of six tribes of Israel.
  2. The chapter begins with a chapter of Issachar’s tribal history (1st Chr. 7:1-5; Gen. 46:13; Num. 26:23-25).
  3. A chapter of Benjamin’s tribal history is included (1st Chr. 7:6-12; Gen. 46:21; Num. 26:38-41).
  4. A brief notice of Naphtali’s tribal history is included (1st Chr. 7:13; Gen. 46:24; Num. 26:48-50).
  5. A chapter of (½) Manasseh’s tribal history is included (1st Chr. 7:14-19; Gen. 46:20; Num. 26:15-18).
  6. A chapter of Ephraim’s tribal history is included (1st Chr. 7:20-29; Gen. 46:20; Num. 26:35-37).
  7. The chapter ends with a chapter of Asher’s tribal history (1st Chr. 7:30-40; Gen. 46:17; Num. 26:44-47).

First Chronicles Chapter Eight

  1. Chapter 8 returns to the tribe of Benjamin, and introduces the first King of Israel.
  2. The line of Benjamin (1st Chr. 8:1-5).
  3. The line of Ehud, the Benjamite judge (1st Chr. 8:6,7; Jdg. 3:15ff.).
  4. The line of Shaharaim, the polygamous divorcé (1st Chr. 8:8-28).

(Chapter Eight continues and concludes tomorrow)