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Today’s reading is: Jer. 8:4-11:23


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Jeremiah Chapter Eight

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The Lord rebukes Judah with a series of proverbial rhetorical questions (Jer. 8:4-12).
    1. No person who trips and falls just lays there for the rest of their life.
    2. Those who fall need to simply repent, and turn back to the Lord.
    3. Rejection of God’s Word perverts wisdom into some other kind of wisdom (Jer. 8:8-9; Jas. 3:13-17).
  2. The Lord describes His judgment upon Judah (Jer. 8:13-17), and Jeremiah can only weep for the terminal condition of his people (Jer. 8:18-23(Hebrew)).

Jeremiah Chapter Nine

  1. Jeremiah would prefer to live in the desert to living in Jerusalem among the liars there (Jer. 9:2-6).
    1. Pursuing lies means pursuing the will of the Father of Lies (Jn. 8:44).
    2. This willful pursuit is a refusal to know the Lord (Jer. 9:6; 11:10; 13:10).
  2. God must execute judgment upon Jerusalem in order to be faithful to Himself (Jer. 9:7-11).  Students of God’s Word will understand this necessity (Jer. 9:12-16).
  3. Jeremiah calls for the professional mourners to come for duty—Jerusalem will be the deceased (Jer. 9:17-22).
  4. The only answer for such times is humility (Jer. 9:23-26; cf. 4:4; Rom. 2:28-29).
    1. Judah was circumcised in body.
    2. Judah was uncircumcised in heart.

Jeremiah Chapter Ten

  1. Jeremiah delivers a message from the Lord concerning the uselessness of the idolatry of the nations (Jer. 10:1-16).
    1. It is a message directed towards the united House of Israel.
    2. As soon as Judah falls to Babylon, the northern kingdom of Israel and southern kingdom of Judah will be “united” in dispersion among the nations.
    3. Idols are man-made non-gods (vv.3-9).
    4. The fallen angel non-god gods will be destroyed when the Lord puts an end to all their evil (v.11,12-15).
  2. Jeremiah speaks for Jerusalem herself, as she laments her terminal condition (Jer. 10:19-22).
  3. Jeremiah continues to speak for Jerusalem, as he prays to the Lord and asks for the Lord’s mercy in the process of righteous judgment (Jer. 10:23-25).  (He sneaks this prayer in! Jer. 7:16).

Jeremiah Chapter Eleven

  1. Jeremiah’s next message is an address to Judah concerning her faithlessness to the Lord, and the broken covenant their faithlessness produced (Jer. 11:1-13).
    1. The Lord reminds Jeremiah concerning the covenant He established with Israel at the Exodus (Jer. 11:2-5a; Deut. 27:26).
    2. Jeremiah supplies the “Amen” to the covenant message (Jer. 11:5b; Deut. 27:26).
  2. The Lord warns Judah yet again—pay heed to the warning given to the Exodus generation (Jer. 11:6-8).
  3. Two conspiracies are then exposed.
    1. Judah has conspired against the Lord (Jer. 11:9-13).
    2. Men of Anathoth have conspired against Jeremiah (Jer. 11:18-23).
  4. The Lord forbids Jeremiah once again to pray on behalf of Jerusalem (Jer. 11:14-17; cf. 7:16; 14:11).