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Today’s reading is: Jer. 2:23-5:19


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Jeremiah Chapter Two

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The Lord God cannot believe that his warnings have gone unheeded (Jer. 2:14-19,26-37).
  2. Although redeemed by the grace of God, Israel refused to serve the One Who purchased their redemption (Jer. 2:20-25).

Jeremiah Chapter Three

  1. The Lord used the teachings of the Law concerning divorce to illustrate how faithless Israel had been.
    1. A man who divorced his wife could not take her back once she had become the wife of another man (Deut. 24:1-4).
    2. Israel had played the harlot with every man she could find, and yet expected the Lord to take her back (Jer. 3:1-5).
  2. The Lord spoke to Jeremiah, so that Jeremiah would develop the same sense of outrage that He had over Israel & Judah (Jer. 3:6-10).
  3. The Lord gave Jeremiah an appropriate message for faithless Israel—come back (Jer. 3:11-18).
  4. Israel is away from the Lord and miserable in her lost estate (Jer. 3:19-25).

Jeremiah Chapter Four

  1. The Lord’s “come back” message to Israel concludes with an additional blessing—Israel’s repentance will not only benefit them, but all the nations will be blessed at that time as well (Jer. 4:1-2).
  2. The Lord also has a message for Judah—confess & repent before you too are swept away (Jer. 4:3-18).
    1. Jeremiah accuses the Lord of a disingenuous offer (Jer. 4:10).
    2. The offer is valid—repentance & confession will forestall the judgment (Jer. 4:3-4,8,14).
  3. Jeremiah is hit hard by this message because he knows that the foolish & stupid men of Jerusalem will not repent and confess (Jer. 4:19-22).
  4. In the context of his despair over a foolish and stupid people, Jeremiah sees a vision of world-wide chaos (Jer. 4:23-26).
    1. The earth was תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ tohu wabohu.
    2. Jeremiah is seeing the formless and void condition of the earth after the rebellion of the angelic dispensation (Gen. 1:2).
  5. The destruction of Jerusalem will be instructive in both the human and angelic realms (Jer. 4:27-31).

Jeremiah Chapter Five

  1. The Lord instructed Jeremiah to search through Jerusalem for one righteous person (Jer. 5:1-5).
  2. Destruction is imminent, and is the consequence for Judah’s faithless ways (Jer. 5:6-13).
  3. Jeremiah is told that his words will be as fire, and his audience will be like wood (Jer. 5:14).
  4. The Lord goes on to describe the might of the coming nation (Jer. 5:15-19).

(Chapter Five continues tomorrow)