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Today’s reading is: Isa. 48:12-52:12


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Isaiah Chapter Forty-Eight

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The Lord promises a restoration to Israel after their punishment in Babylon is complete (Isa. 48:12-22).
    1. This is a faithful promise of the Alpha & Omega.
    2. This is another message that has not been a secret in times past.

Isaiah Chapter Forty-Nine

  1. Chapters 49-57 highlight a greater messiah-shepherd than Cyrus, the virgin-born Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. The chapter begins with a personal message from the Lord Jesus Christ to the farthest peoples (Isa. 49:1-13). This is the second of four Servant Songs.
    1. The Father prepared the body of Jesus Christ in His first advent incarnation (Isa. 49:1; Heb. 10:5).
    2. The Lord Jesus Christ is entrusted with verbal judicial execution authority (Isa. 49:2; Rev. 1:16; 2:12,16; 19:15).
    3. The Lord Jesus Christ is the visible representation of God the Father’s glory (Isa. 49:3; Jn. 13:31-32; Heb. 1:3).
    4. The Lord Jesus Christ received no reward from man, was rejected by His brethren, and embraced God the Father for His total reward (Isa. 49:4; Matt. 23:37; Jn. 1:11; Lk. 23:43,46).
    5. The Lord’s second advent work will include regathering Israel, and ruling over all the nations (Isa. 49:5-7).
    6. The universal offer of salvation in Jesus Christ is described (Isa. 49:8-13).
  3. The Messianic promises of God will be impossible for Israel to accept while they view themselves as forsaken and forgotten (Isa. 49:14).  The Lord answers Zion’s complaint with examples of His faithfulness (Isa. 49:15-23).
  4. The Messianic promises of God will be impossible for Israel to accept while they view themselves as helplessly captive to a tyrant (Isa. 49:24).  The Lord answers this complaint as well (Isa. 49:25-26).

Isaiah Chapter Fifty

  1. Although Israel was divorced, and the Jews were sold into slavery, the Lord was ready, willing, & able to Redeem them (Isa. 50:1-3).
  2. Jesus Christ describes His daily ministry of listening to the Word of God, and meeting the needs of others (Isa. 50:4-11; Jn. 8:28-29). This is the third of four Servant Songs.

Isaiah Chapter Fifty-One

  1. The Lord instructs His audience three times to listen (Isa. 51:1,4,7).
    1. Believers should always maintain their remembrance of the Lord Who saved them, and from where they were saved.
    2. Believers should remember the witness of Scripture—the faithfulness of God in earlier generations.
    3. Believers should remember the prophetic messages of Scripture—the faithfulness of God in future generations.
  2. Isaiah calls upon the LORD to awaken, and strive for Israel (Isa. 51:9).
    1. His past victory over the Dragon provides assurance of the future, ultimate victory over the Dragon.
    2. It is a double failure for a believer to take their eyes off of the Lord, and consequently place their attention on flesh and blood (Isa. 51:12-13; Eph. 6:12).
  3. The Lord twice calls upon Israel to awaken (Isa. 51:17; 52:1).
    1. The first wake-up call is to cause Israel to understand the nature of their Divine judgment, and their helplessness because of it.
    2. This wake-up call is also an encouragement, because they have finished their cup of Divine wrath, and now the nations will drink of it.

Isaiah Chapter Fifty-Two

  1. Israel’s second wake-up call is to awaken and dress joyously for the joy that is set before them (Isa. 52:1-6).
  2. Isaiah introduces the ultimate Evangelist, the Christ Who provides peace, happiness, and salvation in His Kingdom (Isa. 52:7-12).

(Chapter Fifty-Two continues tomorrow)