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Today’s reading is: Isa. 30-33


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Isaiah Chapter Thirty

  1. The fourth woe is issued to rebellious children, who pursue the plans of the forces of darkness (Isa. 30:1a).
    1. They are called “rebellious children” (Isa. 30:1), and “false sons” (Isa. 30:9).
    2. Isaiah elsewhere calls them “children of rebellion, offspring of deceit” (Isa. 57:4).
    3. In the Gospels they are known as a “brood of vipers” (Matt. 3:7; 12:34; 23:33).
  2. These unbelievers are following a plan, but not God the Father’s plan (Isa. 30:1b).  They are spirit empowered, but not God the Holy Spirit (Isa. 30:1c).  They are seeking a savior, but not the Lord Jesus Christ (Isa. 30:2).
  3. These sons of rebellion intend to endure the wilderness once again to return to Egypt (Isa. 30:6-7).  In their hearts, they have already returned to Rahab, because they have turned away from the Lord (Isa. 30:8-11).
  4. The Lord GOD appeals to them to trust in Him, and not turn to idols (Isa. 30:12-26).
  5. The passage concludes with a promise of God’s victory over the adversaries that Judah fears so much (Isa. 30:27-33).

Isaiah Chapter Thirty-One

  1. The fifth woe is issued to trust human effort rather than the Lord for their provision and protection (Isa. 31:1).
  2. Judah is placing their confidence in an object that is not worthy of confidence.
  3. Judah is failing to rely upon the God Who delivered them from the very same Egypt to whom they are now relying.

Isaiah Chapter Thirty-Two

  1. The Lord describes the coming kingdom in which a King will reign righteously (Isa. 32:1).
  2. The King and His Princes will be a source of provision and protection to their subjects (Isa. 32:2-4).
  3. The previous kosmos arrangement will no longer apply, but fools and rogues will continue to arise within the kingdom (Isa. 32:5-8).
  4. The time comes now to be humbled and prayerful as the suffering (Isa. 32:9-14) precedes the glory (Isa. 32:15-20).

Isaiah Chapter Thirty-Three

  1. The sixth woe is issued to the Destroyer (Isa. 33:1).
    1. שָׁדַד shādad #7703: to deal violently with, despoil, devastate, ruin, destroy.
    2. Although designated by the Lord to be the destroyer of Israel, the Destroyer himself will be destroyed (Isa. 33:1).
      1. Historically, the Destroyer of Israel was Assyria (2nd Kgs. 17:6), and the Destroyer of Judah was Babylon (2nd Kgs. 25:21).
      2. Prophetically, the Destroyer of Israel will be the Coming Roman Prince (Dan. 9:26), Seed of the Serpent (Gen. 3:15; 2nd Thess. 2:3).
  2. Isaiah 33 tells the Tribulation (Isa. 33:2-16) and Millennium (Isa. 33:17-24) story.