Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Psa. 105-106


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Psalm One Hundred Five

  1. Psalm 105 is a praise psalm for the Lord’s graciousness towards Israel. It forms a part of the psalm medley recorded in 1st Chr. 16 (along with Psalm 106, also featured today). See TTB Day 117 for details.
  2. Psalm 105 commands incessant worshipful occupation with YHWH (Ps. 105:1-7). Give thanks, call upon, make known, sing, sing praises, meditate, boast, seek, seek, seek, remember.
  3. Seek the Lord, seek His strength, seek His face (Ps. 105:4).
  4. Remember His wonders, His marvels, His judgments (Ps. 105:5).
  5. We are to continuously remember even as He continuously remembers to a thousand generations (Ps. 105:8 cf. 1st Chr. 16:15). This cannot be the Millennium as it is only 1000 years. This must be the fulness of times (Eph. 1:10) in the new heavens and new earth (2nd Pet. 3:13).
  6. The remainder of Psalm 105 is a walk-thru testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness (Ps. 105:9-45).
    1. To the patriarchs (vv.9-15).
    2. Through the Eisodus (vv.16-24).
    3. Through the Exodus (vv.25-38).
    4. Through the wilderness to the promised land (vv.39-45a).
    5. Hallelujah! הַלְלוּ יָהּ. (v.45b & bridge to Ps. 106).

Psalm One Hundred Six

  1. The opening and closing of this psalm (Ps. 106:1,47,48) forms the conclusion to the psalm medley recorded in 1st Chr. 16. See TTB Day 117 for details.
  2. Hallelujah! הַלְלוּ יָהּ. This should be the daily proclamation of believers who appreciate the Lord’s daily blessings (Ps. 106:1-5).
    1. Born-again believers have a present happiness in keeping/practicing God’s just and righteous way of life (v.3).
    2. Born-again believers have a present expectation of future glory in God’s inheritance (vv.4-5).
  3. If the present generation is in rebellion against God, past examples of God’s faithfulness will provide hope (Ps. 106:6-43).
    1. The Red Sea (vv.6-12).
    2. The wilderness (vv.13-33).
    3. In Canaan (vv.34-43).
  4. God’s great lovingkindness forgave Israel again and again and again (Ps. 106:44-46). The psalmist calls on God to faithfully deliver Israel “one more time” (Ps. 106:47-48).