Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Psa. 47-49; 84-85; 87


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Psalm Forty-Seven

  1. Psalm 47 is a psalm of the sons of Korah (Ps. 42,44-49,84,85,87,88).
  2. Psalm 47 is classified as an enthronement psalm (Ps. 47,93,95,96,97,98,99). Mowinckel, The Psalms in Israel’s Worship.
  3. Psalm 47 is a call to worship for all the Gentiles to praise the God of Abraham, Who has ascended (to the throne).
  4. God is mentioned eleven times in this 10 verse psalm.

Psalm Forty-Eight

  1. Psalm 48 is a psalm of the sons of Korah (Ps. 42,44-49,84,85,87,88).
  2. Psalm 48 is a description of the glory of Zion, and how the Gentile Kings respond in fear to the appearance of such Divine majesty.
  3. Like Ps. 47, this psalm looks forward to the Messianic kingdom and the crushing victory required to bring it about.

Psalm Forty-Nine

  1. The psalmist invites rich and poor to ponder his riddle about riches and poverty (Ps. 49:1-4).
  2. The believer in adversity testing need not fear those in prosperity (Ps. 49:5-6,16-20).
    1. Temporal-life redemption is purchased with temporal-life wealth (Lev. 25:25).
    2. The soul is redeemed by God Himself (Ps. 49:7-9; Matt. 16:26; 1st Pet. 1:18-19).
  3. Trust in wealth is a foolish trust (Ps. 49:10-13; Jer. 9:23).
  4. The hopelessness of the lost estate (Ps. 49:14) is contrasted with the blessings of the redeemed (Ps. 49:15).

Psalm Eighty-Four

  1. Believers focused on heaven will sing for joy at the dwelling places in the Father’s house (Ps. 84:1-4; Jn. 14:2).
  2. Believers focused on heaven will go from strength to strength through any testing of sorrow (Ps. 84:5-7).
  3. Believers focused on heaven will be prayerful and confident in any testing of our faithfulness (Ps. 84:8-12).

Psalm Eighty-Five

  1. Psalm 85 is a song of thanksgiving expressed by believers returning from broken fellowship (Ps. 85:1-3). This psalm was applicable on many occasions, but particularly for various captivity/exile/diaspora experiences.
  2. Physical return to the land needs to feature a spiritual return to Godliness (Ps. 85:4-7).
  3. True Godliness comes about for believers as they are humbled before the Truth of God’s Word (Ps. 85:8ff.).

Psalm Eighty-Seven

  1. Psalm 87 looks ahead to the Messianic Kingdom city of Jerusalem (Zion).
  2. Zion will be a place where the Lord’s love will motivate “glorious things” to be spoken of.
  3. Nations that are often the object of Divine wrath will become witnesses to Divine blessing.
  4. Zion will be the most joyous place on earth.