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Today’s reading is: 2 Chr. 29:3-31:21


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2nd Chronicles Chapter Twenty-Nine

  1. Chapter 29 begins a 4 chapter passage on the 29 year reign of good King Hezekiah (2nd Chr. 29-32; 2nd Kgs. 18-20; Isa. 36-39).
  2. Hezekiah was the greatest of the Kings of Judah (2nd Kgs. 18:5).
  3. Hezekiah’s first order of business was to reopen the Lord’s temple for business (2nd Chr. 29:3-36).
    1. He refers to the Levites as his “sons” (v.11).
    2. He supervises the Levitical cleansing of the temple (vv.12-19).
    3. He supervises the restoration of temple worship (vv.20-36).

2nd Chronicles Chapter Thirty

  1. Chapter 30 describes the first great Passover instituted by King Hezekiah (2nd Chr. 30:1-27).  This event was not recorded by the author of 2nd Kings.
  2. The Passover invitation goes out to Judah & Benjamin, plus Ephraim & Manasseh (2nd Chr. 30:1), and ultimately to all the inhabitants of the Kingdoms of Israel & Judah (2nd Chr. 30:6-12).
  3. The Passover was held in the second month, according to the alternate date permitted under Mosaic Law (2nd Chr. 30:2-3; Num. 9:10-12).
  4. Hezekiah’s Passover required a bit of flexibility—which Hezekiah prayed to the Lord about, and received gracious permission for (2nd Chr. 30:13-22).
  5. The entire Passover was such a blessing, everyone decided to do another 7 days (2nd Chr. 30:23-27).  Again, this is not commanded under Mosaic Law, but was blessed by the Lord under Hezekiah’s leadership.

2nd Chronicles Chapter Thirty-One

  1. Chapter 31 describes Hezekiah’s leadership in conducting a national spiritual revival (2nd Chr. 31:1-21; 2nd Kgs. 18:4).
  2. The people responded to Hezekiah’s leadership, and provided their required first fruits, tithes, and heaps of freewill offerings (2nd Chr. 31:3-8).
  3. Faithful giving to the Lord results in faithful provision from the Lord (2nd Chr. 31:9-10).
  4. The key to all of Hezekiah’s service was his heart: good, right & true before the Lord (2nd Chr. 31:20-21).