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Today’s reading is: Hos. 9-14


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Hosea Chapter Nine

  1. The message of Divine judgment continues, with a promise of dispersion (Hos. 9:1-9).
  2. The Lord looks back with fond memories, and yet sad memories of Israel’s idolatry (Hos. 9:10-17).

Hosea Chapter Ten

  1. Israel’s descent into idolatry mirrored their rise in prosperity (Hos. 10:1-2).
  2. The fall of Israel is a preview of Tribulational judgment, but merely a shadow of the wrath of God yet to be revealed (Hos. 10:3-10; Lk. 23:30; Rev. 6:16).
  3. Hosea delivers a parable that indicates Israel’s restoration to the land will be in accordance with the Lord’s purpose for chastisement (Hos. 10:11-12).

Hosea Chapter Eleven

  1. Again, the Lord looks back with fondness of memories for Israel as a youth (Hos. 11:1-4).  He is also looking forward with fondness to the incarnation of Jesus Christ (Matt. 2:15).
  2. The Lord must send them into captivity as Israel’s negative volition was locked into their own evil (Hos. 11:5-7).
  3. The judgment of the Lord is tempered with His mercy, and in accordance with His unconditional covenants (Hos. 11:8-11).

Hosea Chapter Twelve

  1. As the Lord recounts the evil actions of the nation of Israel, He thinks back to the person of Israel (Hos. 11:12-12:14).
  2. Jacob’s wrestling with Esau as infants in the womb, and his wrestling with the Lord as an adult foreshadowed the confrontational nature of the nation of Israel.
  3. The Lord has always been faithful to bring Israel back to the promised land, reminding them of the Aramean sojourn and the Egyptian bondage.

Hosea Chapter Thirteen

  1. The message of Divine judgment continues, with the sad regrets that the First through Third Commandments have been so terribly violated (Hos. 13:1-4; Ex. 20:4-6).
  2. The sad regrets are expressed in that God’s gracious provision was forgotten (Hos. 13:5-6).
  3. The Lord’s judgment will be a savage judgment with quite the sting of death applied (Hos. 13:7-16).

Hosea Chapter Fourteen

  1. The Lord concludes His message with an appeal for Israel to repent (Hos. 14:1-3).
  2. The Lord promises a restored love relationship with his restored wife (Hos. 14:4-7).
  3. The Lord woos Israel to forsake their lovers and return to their faithful husband (Hos. 14:8).
  4. The Lord woos Israel to walk according to His ways, and therefore not stumble (Hos. 14:9).